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Filing a personal injury claim after a slip-and-fall accident

Massachusetts residents who have been injured while on someone else's property may be entitled to seek compensation for any damages they have sustained. Of course, the circumstances have to be right in order for a civil claim to be successful. This week's column will address the what is needed to bring a personal injury claim following a slip-and-fall accident.

Litigating a personal injury claim against a property owner is not always an easy task. There is a lot of information that the court will want access to in order to make a decision regarding liability. Such information includes:

  • Any witness statements
  • Documented damages
  • Details of the event

Car accidents often leave people injured in Massachusetts

Police from two Massachusetts towns responded recently to a car wreck. The incident occurred, like many car accidents do, in the evening hours of a late summer day. When it ended, the incident left four people injured and closed both sides of a busy highway for a short period.

When car accidents make the news, it is often because people are injured. When reporting this recent single-vehicle accident, local outlets say that the driver fatigue may have played a part. Authorities believe that the vehicle left the roadway and slammed into a large sign post. The vehicle came to rest on the right side of the highway. 

Patient wins rare victory in surgical malpractice against doctor

Undergoing a surgical procedure to correct a painful condition may inspire feelings of relief that the pain may soon be alleviated. While the patient may also have some concerns that the operation may not be successful, he or she may not expect it to end in a surgical malpractice lawsuit. Unfortunately, Massachusetts patients can wind up suffering further harm as a result of a medical mistake.

Recently, a jury in another state decided in favor of a woman who underwent spinal surgery in 2011. According to the claim, the 42-year-old patient suffered from painful scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine. Unfortunately, the surgery went awry, and the woman claimed that she was left in far worse condition than before her procedure. In addition, she alleged that her follow-up care was inadequate and contributed to her worsening physical condition.

Fatal car accident leaves Massachusetts man dead

There were three vehicles involved in a recent tragedy on a Massachusetts highway. The fatal car accident occurred on a warm summer evening in Worcester. As they met at an intersection, the crash happened.

Reports indicate that the driver of a eastbound motorcycle struck a westbound car near an intersection. A news report did not indicate which driver may have been at fault. The violence of the impact forced the motorcycle into a second car, which was also westbound. 

Passenger van accidents often have numerous victims

Transporting numerous people at a time on the roadways of Massachusetts often requires the use of a larger vehicle, but a coach or bus may be too large. A 15-passenger van may be just the right size to transport a small group, but doing so does come with certain risks. Passenger van accidents often cause injury to numerous people, and some of those injuries could be serious or deadly.

Some people believe that driving a 15-passenger van does not require any additional skill than driving a smaller passenger vehicle such as a car or minivan. However, these larger vans do not respond the same way, and without the proper training, a driver could make a costly mistake. Due to their size, passenger vans do not stop as efficiently either, so speed should be kept at a safe level. Driver and passengers alike should wear seat belts as well to potentially reduce injuries if an accident does occur.

Pedestrian accident victims at Logan Airport

A recent Massachusetts accident happened at a taxi stand. The pedestrian accident occurred right outside of Logan Airport. Reportedly, two of the victims remain in critical condition. In total, 10 were injured.

A taxi driver apparently lost control of his vehicle. At first, the crash was thought to have been a terroristic attack, though authorities later concluded that the crash was an accident. In fact, the driver had yelled to passers-by that he was unable to stop his vehicle just prior to the crash.

Pedestrian accident leaves three injured in Massachusetts

Walking along a busy roadway should be a safe and easy part of any pedestrians day in Massachusetts. However, in some cases, that safety can be shattered when a car smashes into those walking along. This is what happened recently to a group of three people that were involved in a pedestrian accident.

A report about the pedestrian accident that was filed just after the crash tells the story of three people who were walking on a road in Massachusetts on an early summer evening. The trio, for reasons that are as yet unclear, were struck by a driver who was travelling in the same direction as the walkers. The driver stopped at the time of the wreck and remained while awaiting assistance for those who were injured.

Car accidents can lead to personal injury claims in Massachusetts

A violent impact led to a Massachusetts roadway being strewn with debris recently. The incident, like many car accidents in our state, came at the busy mid-day as people rushed to enjoy their lunches or to get to their afternoon appointments. When the violence ended, one man was dead and another was being treated at a local hospital.

According to early reports about the car wreck, only two vehicles were involved. They appear to have been traveling in opposite directions, as the crash was reported to have been head on. Witnesses also report that at least one of the drivers was speeding and driving erratically just prior to the event. There were only two people -- the two drivers -- involved in the car accident.

Auto accidents can be common in Massachusetts

Readers may not be surprised that there are many collisions on the roadways of Massachusetts each day. What they may not know is that sometimes those auto accidents involve cars that are travelling in the wrong direction on a roadway. That is what happened recently in North Adams that ended with injury to several victims.

According to a report, the driver of a vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction of traffic when he struck a car carrying five passengers. The crash also included additional vehicles, though the most of the damage happened to the car holding the five victims. Those in the car included at least two small children and a grandmother visiting from out of state.

Massachusetts car accidents can turn deadly

It is the time of year when the roads in Massachusetts are crowded with people out enjoying the summer. However, this increase in traffic can lead to an increase in car accidents. In some cases, these incidents can turn deadly.

That was the case recently in Sutton where a three-car accident took the life of a Massachusetts driver. According to local authorities, the driver of a pickup truck was travelling at a high rate of speed just prior to the incident. In fact, the pickup is alleged to have been speeding more than twenty miles an hour over the posted speed limit. Police spotted the driver and followed him for a short distance.

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