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August 2016 Archives

Massachusetts teen driver accidents due to drowsy driving

Many individuals throughout Massachusetts would not consider getting behind the wheel of a car after having a drink or two. The potential consequences associated with drinking and driving are just too great. However, for many, the idea of getting behind the wheel after only a couple hours of sleep is common place. In fact, research indicates that drowsy driving is a major factor in teen driver accidents.

Traumatic brain injury can happen in a Massachusetts accident

Fairs are a common sight across Massachusetts throughout the summer and fall months. Roller coasters, Ferris wheels and other such attractions draw crowds of thrill seekers looking to enjoy themselves. While some riders are apprehensive at first, their jitters quickly turn to delight once the ride begins. Each ride features its own variety of twists, turns and excitement. While the excitement is often anticipated, the possibility of the ride ending in a traumatic brain injury just doesn't seem to be a part of the experience.

Workplace accident could result in Massachusetts fatality

The average Massachusetts resident gets up and goes to work most days throughout the week. Some of these jobs are in an office answering phones, working with clients or designing new buildings; others are outside at construction sites, plants or similar environments. Some individuals love their jobs; others would rather be doing something else. Regardless, each individual leaves for work each day with the expectation of returning home safe and sound. The idea of losing one's life as a result of a workplace accident just usually does not come to mind.

Massachusetts residents beware of a slip and fall accident

The average Massachusetts resident recognizes the warning signs. Even though they may be in the form of a plastic yellow stand or an orange cone, they mean the same thing – be careful. Whenever there is a known hazard, businesses should place a warning sign marking the area in an attempt to prevent a slip and fall accident until the problem can be taken rectified.

Nursing home negligence can happen in Massachusetts

With the advances in medical care over the past few decades, it appears that many Massachusetts residents are living longer lives. With this increase in the aging population comes the need to provide appropriate care for the elderly. While some families prefer to care for their loved ones at home, many others are not able to do so and must rely upon nursing homes to provide the necessary care. In entrusting their loved ones to the care of a nursing home, the family needs to have peace of mind in knowing that their loved will not suffer nursing home negligence.

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