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4 Taken To Hospital School Bus Crashes Into Home In Dorchester

4 taken to hospital school bus crashes into home in Dorchester

On behalf of posted in Personal Injuries on Tuesday March 12, 2024

Personal injury lawyers Boston News : (nbcnews) —A school bus collided with a building in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood on Monday, leading to the hospitalization of two adults and two children, as reported by the police.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:40 p.m. when the bus crashed into a house at the intersection of Claridge Terrace and Wentworth Street, according to authorities.

The individuals on the bus, including two adults and two children, were transported to the hospital, and the severity of their injuries remains unclear.

Donna Scott, the homeowner at the corner of the crash, expressed her shock, recalling her husband’s panicked call informing her of the bus hitting their house.

Upon arrival, Scott found a Boston Public School bus wedged under her porch, detailing the scene. Keyanna Jackson, a nearby resident who assisted in evacuating students, described the bus’s screeching sound as it seemingly struggled to brake.

Jackson and a neighbor swiftly acted to evacuate the children through the back door, assessing their condition once on the sidewalk. Some children had reportedly sustained head injuries.

Anilson Carvalho, an 11-year-old resident, shared that his cousin prioritized the children’s safety, ensuring they were off the bus and calling their mothers before any potential hazards.

Due to concerns about the stability of the home, utilities were shut off as crews carefully removed the bus. Boston Fire Commissioner Paul Burke highlighted the precautionary measures taken during the extraction process.

The incident prompted increased attention from local residents, and the removal process was meticulous to avoid any further damage to the property.

Additionally, the involvement of personal injury lawyers in Boston is being closely monitored as details about the accident unfold, adding another layer of scrutiny to the investigation.

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