When Is Legal Separation An Option?

Are you looking to end your marriage or take a break? Are you unsure whether divorce is your best option?

Legal separation is a valid option for many couples. At Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, we can explain the details of legal separation and help you determine if it is right for you.

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Is A Legal Separation Right For Me?

When a marital relationship breaks down, monetary concerns are often a top priority. Divorce is usually necessary for couples seeing to set new, binding legal and financial boundaries. However, divorce is sometimes a problematic prospect for one or both parties for reasons such as:

  • One or both spouses are reluctant to divorce for religious reasons.
  • One spouse is dependent on the other's health insurance, and has an ongoing health concern such as cancer that may make it preferable to keep the marriage technically intact.
  • A couple may think that they will possibly reconcile after a time of separation — but need to have their respective affairs in order in the meantime.
  • A couple prefers to stay married "in name only" for the sake of children whom they fear will be traumatized by an actual divorce.

The Legal Separation Process In Massachusetts

In order to achieve a legal separation in Massachusetts in lieu of a divorce, one or both of the parties will need to file a "complaint for separate support" or the two will need to enter into a separation agreement to be finalized in much the same way that a prenuptial agreement is. The separation agreement is in essence equivalent to a "postnuptial agreement."

After time has passed, a couple who have separated legally may eventually decide to divorce. The separation agreement or separate support order will not eliminate the need to "discover" all assets in preparation for a divorce. However, after a period of separation, the two spouses' resources will presumably be less intertwined, and will perhaps assist in a smoother divorce.

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