What You Need To Know About Property Division

While some divorces are bitter, adversarial and antagonistic, many other couples are able to set aside their feelings, and focus on a pragmatic approach to asset division. Reasonable people, regardless of how betrayed they feel by their estranged spouses, realize that a husband or a wife deserves respect and consideration in spite of hurt feelings and broken promises that have led the couple to divorce.

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How Will Property And Assets Be Divided In My Massachusetts Divorce?

Asset division does contain some grey areas and complexities for many couples. It is a fundamental aspect of divorce that all assets, including household goods, bank accounts and other cash assets, real estate, vehicles and retirement accounts, must be divided equitably.

Common sources of potential conflict or challenge in property division include the following:

  • Fair division of retirement accounts. QDROs can help to determine the value of portions of retirement accounts accumulated during a marriage.
  • Fair division of stocks.
  • Resolution of the question of spousal support.
  • Determining what types of asset division, spousal support and/or child support arrangements are most advantageous from a tax perspective.
  • Evaluation of enforceability of any pre-existing premarital agreement.
  • Complications such as bankruptcy, foreclosure and lawsuits.

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