Landlord-Tenant Disputes In Boston

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The Rights Of Tenants, The Responsibilities Of Landlords

State laws and the terms of the lease govern the relationship between landlord and tenant. Breaking a lease is a common source of tenant-landlord litigation. Failure to pay rent is one way to break a lease. However, the law allows a tenant to withhold rent in certain circumstances.

The law requires landlords to maintain habitable premises. This means that the landlord must make necessary repairs to the property, keeping it "livable." Failure to maintain habitable premises results in a constructive eviction of the tenant. When this happens, the tenant has the right to withhold rent, make the repairs himself and deduct the cost of repairs from the rent.

Our Boston, Massachusetts, landlord-tenant lawyers are prepared to fight on your behalf. If you have a landlord dispute that you have been unable to resolve on your own, we can help. Likewise, if you are a landlord faced with a tenant who has been evicted but refuses to leave or pay rent, we can help.

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