Why Do I Need A Lawyer When Buying A Home?

Title problems, inspection problems, valuation problems, code violations, real estate contract terms — all should ideally be addressed in consultation with a real estate lawyer before making a bid on a house, before entering into a purchase agreement, and certainly before closing.

Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, is an established, well-respected law firm in the Boston area with attorneys available to represent the following in a real estate transaction, before and at closing:

  • The buyer
  • The mortgage company or bank

Contact an attorney: Before you buy a house, talk to one of our Boston real estate lawyers. Call 617-379-1786 or toll free at 866-942-6740.

Talk To An Attorney Before It's Too Late

Clients who have bought homes often approach our law firm after the sale is complete, when they discover that something has gone wrong in the transaction, or something is wrong with the house or contract. Unfortunately, it may be too late or impractical to bring a lawsuit by that point.

Representing Buyers: Our Detailed Checklist

When representing a buyer, we can help ensure that a homebuyer's legal rights are protected through every phase:

  • Evaluating the home before making an offer
  • Guiding the process of buying a home in a "for sale by owner" scenario
  • Conducting a title search, screening for title defects that may impede future sale of the home
  • Arranging for inspection and presenting seller with requests and contingencies based on the outcome of the inspection
  • Obtaining financing
  • Preparing for closing
  • Completing fulfillment of the real estate contract at closing

If you have a real estate agent, remember that one key difference to remember between the real estate agent's goals and your real estate lawyer's goals is this:

  • A real estate agent's priority is to ensure that the transaction goes through so that he or she will receive a commission on the sale.
  • A real estate attorney's interest is in advocating on the side of the buyer's best interests and ensuring that legal rights are protected.

Most people understand that a home purchase is one of the largest commitments they will ever make — and that having an attorney on their side when buying a home can provide many benefits.

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