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Bicyclist Fatally Struck In Cambridge By Box Truck [Cambridge, MA]

Bicyclist Fatally Struck in Cambridge by Box Truck [Cambridge, MA]

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Sunday June 9, 2024

Cambridge, MA (June 9, 2024)- Bicyclist Fatally Struck in Cambridge: A tragic event unfolded in Cambridge on Friday, as a woman riding her bike was fatally struck by a box truck, authorities confirmed.

The accident occurred under alarming circumstances along Mount Auburn Street when both the bicycle and the truck were heading in the same direction.

Around 4:30 p.m., the truck attempted to turn onto DeWolf Street and tragically collided with the bicyclist, identified as a 55-year-old woman from Florida.

Bicyclist Fatally Struck in Cambridge by Box Truck [Cambridge, MA]\

Along Mount Auburn Street where teh accident occurred

This critical information was disclosed in a joint statement by Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Cambridge Police Commissioner Christine Elow.

The immediate aftermath was dire. The victim was quickly transported to CHA Cambridge Hospital in an urgent attempt to save her life; however, she was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival. This incident brings to light the stark risks faced by bicyclists on urban roads, a matter of increasing concern in densely populated areas.

The truck driver remained at the scene, cooperating fully with law enforcement as they began their investigation.

This fatal collision is now under thorough investigation by several agencies, including the district attorney’s office, the Cambridge Police, and the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section.

Their combined efforts aim to reconstruct the accident accurately and determine any breaches of traffic law or negligence.

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Legal DisclaimerThe content provided in this post is for informational purposes exclusively and should not be interpreted as legal or medical counsel. If you or someone close to you has experienced an accident, we strongly advise seeking prompt medical assistance. Furthermore, please note that the visual content featured herein is for illustrative purposes solely and does not depict the actual accident scene.

Source: Mass Live

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