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May 2012 Archives

Clearly marked Everett intersection is fatal for crossing guard

One Boston family is probably wondering how the accident could possibly happen. Another family may wonder why it had not happened earlier. Still other families are wondering how a tragic scene will affect their children.

Study: Marijuana Use Doubles Crash Risk

A recent study from the British Medical Journal highlights the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs. According to the research, people driving within three hours of smoking marijuana had almost twice the risk of being involved in a serious car accident as sober drivers.

Bus headed for casino fails to stop for traffic light

It may seem odd to many of us in Massachusetts, that cars all have seat belts whereas buses do not, except for the driver. We hop on and off school buses, tour buses and city buses and place our safety in the hands of the bus driver.

UMass student killed in motorcycle accident; driver indicted

A Hampshire County grand jury indicted a 23-year-old woman yesterday after an April car crash killed a University of Massachusetts senior and injured another man. The woman was charged with several offenses including a second DUI, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, manslaughter, felony motor vehicle homicide, and aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Framingham man killed in pedestrian accident

When one thinks of a pedestrian accident, one might think of a crosswalk at rush hour or a dark and poorly lit road. One probably does not think of a winding road in a wooded neighborhood in the afternoon. And yet that is what happened.

What new study says about distracted driving

The Center for Disease Prevention and Control monitors not only diseases, but also accidents with injuries and many other topics. According to the CDC, distracted driving is on the rise and it is leading to more accidents. In 2009, 5,400 people died and about 448,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. Of that number, 1,000 fatalities and 24,000 injuries were due to cell phone use. Many of them could have been in Massachusetts.

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