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July 2012 Archives

Drowning the Leading Unintentional Cause of Death in Children Under Five

Recently, a father took his four-year-old twin boys to join him in a visit with their grandmother. After arriving, the father went to check on his mother, who suffers from diabetes. When the father went to check on his children he found them both floating unconscious in the pool. Both boys were pronounced dead after reaching a local hospital.

Boston bus accident injures 3 -- who is at fault?

Mass transportation in Boston dates back to 1631 according to the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority. Transportation around the city went from horse and buggies, to cable cars, to the El. Today's system is an interconnected network of busses, rapid transit lines, light rail trackless trolley lines and commuter rail routes. On an average weekday, about 1.3 million people take a trip on the MBTA.

Off duty police officer crashes into car driven by 36-year-old

In Boston we may not like to think of our local police force as misbehaving or having the same types of problems that others among us may have. However, it happens. Police officers make mistakes and do not behave as they should -- sometimes with serious consequences.

Teenager on bicycle injured by motorist in Quincy

Speed limit postings on residential streets in Massachusetts can be as low 15 miles per hour in a school zone to as much as 40 miles per hour or more. Motorists are required to follow the speed limits, but they are also supposed to drive for the existing weather conditions. Drivers should also have safe distances between themselves and the car in front of them so they can stop without running into car in front.

Haverhill boy on bicycle seriously injured by car

Golden Hill Avenue in Haverhill, Massachusetts, as seen from satellite images, looks like a typical tree-lined road that winds its way through a suburban neighborhood. The speed limit is reported to be 30 miles per hour. A car was travelling on that road, perhaps at the speed limit, when a young boy on his bike exited off Moody Street, to proceed onto Golden Hill Avenue.

Rollover crash kills 12-year-old girl

The Google map view of Massachusetts exit 20B from Route 24 onto Route 139 gives us no clue as to what could have caused a fatal car accident. A divided highway and a standard cloverleaf should be easy to maneuver, even during traffic. There are multiple lanes going in each direction and nice long entry and exit lanes. So what happened?

Boston bus crashes into film truck, several injuries reported

An MBTA spokesperson stated that "With a strong focus on training in defensive driving, the MBTA is committed to providing safe and reliable service on a daily basis. Hundreds of MBTA buses make thousands of trips each day without incident." And yet, an incident happened recently in Boston and several people were injured.

Bridge attendant injured, succumbs to injuries in Boston

In Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England, we see them all the time. We may say hello or ask about the weather, but most people probably just give the toll attendant the money and smile. It may be a lonely job, stuck in a small hut in the middle of traffic, and apparently it can also be a dangerous job on occasion.

4th of July: Let's be careful out there

The Fourth of July this year falls on a Wednesday. That is both good and bad news for holiday travelers. The good news is that it spreads the holiday traffic over more days of the week and potentially decreases traffic jams. The bad news is that those without paid vacation days will have one day off in the middle of the week with work days on either side.

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