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August 2012 Archives

Speed may have been a factor in fatal Plymouth crash

Four 19-year-olds were riding in a 1998 Ford Explorer1998 Ford Explorer. All four were from Plymouth. All four were injured in a car accident, although just one succumbed to his injuries.

Boston area motorcycle accidents claim 1 life, injure 4

It is not difficult to understand how an accident involving a car and a motorcycle can result in serious injuries for the biker. There is little protection other than a helmet, which some do not wear, and leather clothing. According to the Center for Disease and Prevention Control, the highest death and injury rate for motorcyclists is among 20-29 year-olds, followed by 40-54 year-olds.

Teenager critical after 2-car crash near Hampstead

Hazel Road is a short road that dead ends at Route 111 just east of Hampstead. An accident at that location sent two people to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. What happened in the two-car crash has not yet been determined.

Haverhill chain-reaction crash causes injuries

Have you ever been driving on a freeway in Boston, when the traffic slows considerably, so you think there is an accident up ahead? You crawl along in traffic and then a short time later, the traffic simply picks up and you're moving at normal speeds again. There was no crash. There wasn't anyone changing a tire. The lanes weren't closed for construction.

4 injured, 1 dies in Braintree single-car accident

In Boston and elsewhere, when there are no witnesses to a single-car accident, accident reconstruction experts are sometimes used to help determine the timing and nature of the events which led to the accident. The reconstruction expert would attempt to discover the speed of the car and whether the driver took proper evasive or defensive actions.

Allegedly negligent motorcyclist injures self, 1 other

Typically when a car and a motorcycle are involved in an accident, the motorcyclist is the driver with more serious injuries, but is not the one who caused the accident. Recently on Pine Hills, just outside of Manomet, a motorcyclist lost control of his bike and was in a collision with a sedan. In this case, the motorcyclist seems to have caused the accident that resulted in serious personal injuries for the biker, and less serious injuries for the driver of the sedan.

Hit-and-run driver identified in fatal pedestrian accident

Occasionally a news story leads to more questions than it answers. Why was a pedestrian standing in the middle of a Massachusetts highway at 1:15 in the morning? And why would someone strike an object, stop the car, but then leave the scene of an accident?

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