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September 2012 Archives

Alleged drunk driver kills National Guard member

Whenever someone dies in a car accident, it is a tragic loss for the surviving family members. That tragedy can be compounded however by the circumstances of the victim's life. When someone is a member of the armed services, it does not seem just. If the victim has a young child, the tragedy gains extra poignancy.

Fatal pedestrian accidents in Lowell and Townsend

Our Boston readers no doubt understand that when a car, bus or truck strikes a pedestrian, serious injuries can result. It is not uncommon for a pedestrian accident to be fatal. It is also not uncommon for pedestrians to be struck by a motor vehicle, when the pedestrian has the right of way.

The Dangers of Back-to-School Traffic

The nation just got through the first few weeks of school this fall and with it came the usual added stress on drivers and kids to stay safe. The reasons are obvious for an increase in the risk of motor vehicle accidents near schools, with or around school buses and in neighborhoods with children.

Box truck injures biker in Middleton

When a motorcycle or truck accident occurs in Boston or anywhere and someone is injured, it may be only the injured person who knows what happened to cause the accident. If the injured person is unconscious, it may be left up to an accident reconstruction team to try and figure out what happened in a motor vehicle accident.

Pedestrian injured in Peabody's Peabody Square

There is more than one Peabody Square in Massachusetts. The one in front of the Essex County District Court building in Peabody isn't really much of a square, according to the bird's eye view from Google maps. It is more precisely a triangle. One of the sides of Peabody Square in Peabody is bordered by Lowell Street.

Bicyclist seriously injured by truck in Medway

Main Street in Medway is a tree-lined two-lane road. Google maps show that there is a sidewalk on one side of the road and there appears to be a clearly marked bike lane on either side of the road. The road is straight near the portion where it intersects with a cull-de-sac called Thunder Hill Road.

Bicyclist struck by car in East Boxford, seriously injured

The view from a Google map shows us that Topsfield Road in East Boxford is a small two lane road without much in the way of shoulders. The road winds through a primarily residential area. Any bicyclist riding on this road would need to stick close to the side of the road, but would be forced to share the road with motor vehicles. Conversely, cars would be sharing the road with bicyclists.

2-vehicle crash near Salem, 1 suffered head injury

Manor Parkway is a short two-lane road that starts at Pelham Road and hits a dead end at the Salem Athletic Club. It is about one block long. One could wonder how an accident could occur on this short little road - and yet an accident occurred that caused a serious head injury for one of the drivers.

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