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October 2012 Archives

Bike helmets save lives, Boston promotes their usage

Cars and bicycles are sharing the roads more and more often in the Boston area. It was recently reported that there has been a 30 percent increase in bicycling during the last two years thanks to 57 miles of new bike lanes and The Hubway bike share program. According to The Hubway's Facebook page, the program was launched last year and includes a fleet of 610 bikes at 61 stations. Despite the increase in riders, the number of accidents has dropped by 25 percent.

Commuter train kills teenager in Salem

East bound and west bound Ocean Avenue in Salem come to a dead end when the roads reach the commuter rail line. Cars must stop and go north or south to find a crossing. A person could walk across.

Criminal charges filed for fatal pedestrian accident

When an accident occurs in Boston or elsewhere, it is entirely possible for there to be both criminal charges and civil litigation for the same incident. It is also possible to be found not guilty in one court and liable in the other court. The most famous case like this was O.J. Simpson who was found not guilty of double homicide in criminal court and found liable for two deaths in civil court.

MIT: Cellphone Use While Driving May Just Indicate Lousy Drivers

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently published a study about the dangers of driving while using a cellphone. Their findings raise questions about the effectiveness of criminalizing cellphone use behind the wheel. The MIT study suggests the real problem may be drivers who engage in risky driving behavior with or without using cellphones. The study does not dispute the well-established facts linking cellphone use while driving with higher accident rates. Peer-reviewed psychological studies have found that even talking on a hands-free phone while driving can impair reaction time as much as drinking can-though talking with people present in the vehicle does not.

Brockton fatal crash involves driver in chase with police

A car crash in Brockton's East Side last week resulted in the death of a 49-year-old woman. The collision occurred during a police chase, where the suspect's car pushed the car of the victim into oncoming traffic at the intersection of Centre and Quincy streets, killing her. There were five other vehicles involved in the car crash and there were several injuries. He has been ordered held on $250,000 bail for a manslaughter charge.

Boston Road scene of pedestrian accident with injuries

A Google map gives us a bird's eye view of the intersection of Boston Road and Colden Avenue. It is a mixed use neighborhood with single-family homes, low-rise apartment buildings, retail shops and a few small industrial buildings. Boston Road cuts across Colden Avenue at an angle, but there are clearly marked crosswalks and traffic lights.

Quincy hit-and-run accident injures 2 pedestrians

Imagine that you are driving somewhere in Quincy late at night. Imagine that you look down briefly while driving and then when you look up there are two men right in front of your truck. You don't have time to stop and you hit them. What would happen next?

Motorcycle and SUV collide in Natick, biker seriously injured

There is a bumper sticker you may have seen on cars around Suffolk County. It reads: "Start Seeing Motorcycles." The problem with riding a motorcycle, as any biker will tell you, is not the bike -- it is the cars and trucks.

Bicyclist seriously injured in Brockton intersection

Belmont Street in Brockton, Massachusetts, is a straight road intersected by other smaller roads. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour. For nearly three-fourths of a mile, there is no crosswalk if one wished to cross Belmont Street.

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