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Two buses and a car, only four minor injuries

What happens when two buses and a car are involved in a three vehicle accident? Well, if you're lucky like those involved in the incident in Rochester, Massachusetts, not much. Normally, when reporting an accident involving two buses and a car, one would expect extensive damage. However, in this instance, only four minor injuries were sustained among the 40 plus individuals involved.

NHTSA: Commercial buses to be fitted with safety belts

Remember riding the bus to camp as a kid and able to move around as you wished (at least when the driver wasn't looking or shouting at you)? How about travelling with your sports teams? Well, the days of relying on the green padded seat in front of you to protect you from any and all accidents may be over.

From paralyzed by motorcycle accident to Ironman World Champion

While stories of life's difficulties and tragic events tend to dominate the airwaves these days, it is perhaps the individual who rises above those extremely hard circumstances that should be the real story. Perhaps it is the impatience of a media that tends to think "out of sight, out of mind," which leads to a lack of a follow up story.

Will you be laughing if "LOL" causes an accident?

Is any text really worth either your life or another's? While the answer should be no many still find it hard to break the habit of texting while driving. Even greater enforcement of Massachusetts law which invokes stiff penalties for distracted driving due to cell phone use can't seem to deter society's addiction to being plugged in.

Overturned trailer dumps 94,000 pounds of trash onto roadway

Ever feel frustrated at seeing litter strewn across the road? How about driving along and hoping that the floating plastic bag weaving across the freeway isn't stuck to the front of your cars grill? If that much litter bothers you, you probably wanted to avoid I-93 North for a while as a recent crash left roughly 94,000 pounds of trash spilled across three lanes.

Pedestrians should use a crosswalk, not the highway

Most people use a crosswalk when deciding to cross the street. In Massachusetts, the pedestrian in the crosswalk is supposed to have the right of way. This does not always mean that people use the crosswalk, nor does it mean that drivers adhere to this rule of driving.

New Year's Eve late night celebration brings mourning

New Year's Eve is always a time for celebration. The possibilities brought on by the new year, new resolutions, and a new outlook for what lies ahead are endless. While the evening's festivities are intended to lead to a good time, one Massachusetts man may regret where his excessive drinking this New Year's Eve directed his possibilities.

Martha Vineyard dentist saves the day

When someone suffers from an injury it can affect their lives in ways that may not be known for years to come. It is also often the little things that many take for granted that are the most difficult to foresee as being a problem for those individuals. That is why it is always refreshing to hear of stories where local Massachusetts residents reach out to assist others in need, even in the simple matters such as a tooth ache.

Fatal pedestrian accident at local Boston hospital

Over the holiday, an incident at a local Boston hospital reinforces the statistics and reasoning behind the rearview cameras discussed in the last blog. One life that was just lost could have potentially benefitted from such a requirement in vehicles, especially large ones with many blind spots.

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