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Car accident in Massachusetts closes interstate for a short time

Car accidents can happen anywhere, and can affect more than those directly in the accident. If a car accident is serious enough, it can shut down roads for hours, or possibly days if enough damage is caused. However, those who suffer the greatest after a serious car accident are the victims who are injured. Unfortunately one of these accidents occurred in Massachusetts on July 24.

Massachusetts dog bite incidents result in restrictions for owner

One Massachusetts town has decided to take action against a dog that has injured people on two separate occasions. The dog bite incidents occurred in the town of Hull and resulted in two people seeking treatment at the hospital. Members of the town board recently ruled to impose restrictions on the dog and declare him a public danger.

Massachusetts police return to scene of fatal truck accident

In some cases, it can take months for police to bring an accident investigation to a close. In complex cases where a cause is not clear, Massachusetts police will often undertake an accident reconstruction in order to gather more detailed information about the crash. Police conducted such an investigation recently in a fatal truck accident that took the life of a young boy.

Fatal Massachusetts car accident results in criminal charges

Insurance providers and driver's education courses often expound on the benefits of defensive driving. This method of driving is less likely to cause an accident. However, the actions of a few drivers on the road frequently endanger other drivers and pedestrians. In a horrific car accident in Massachusetts, one man was killed and four others injured.

Wrongful death claims may be option for Massachusetts family

When Massachusetts drivers choose to act negligently behind the wheel, they take their lives and those of others into their hands. For two families, the tragic consequences of one person’s actions have led to trauma and loss. Given the charges against the man and the apparent negligence that he displayed, the victims may begin investigating their options for personal injury or wrongful death claims.

Massachusetts car accident claims life of man in rented van

Holiday driving is always a test for travelers' patience but usually nothing more serious than delays are encountered. However, for one man that was on a Massachusetts roadway during a recent holiday, the journey ended with a fatal car accident. The man was a victim in a three vehicle wreck in which the truck that is suspected of causing it left the scene. The accident resulted in injuries to six other people, including reportedly one child.

Workers' compensation possible for wife of deceased postal worker

Having a job that requires work outside of an office is a dream for many. Being able to enjoy varying daily sights and fresh air are just two benefits that non-office workers take pleasure in. Though there are various benefits differing from those who work indoors, there are also different risks and hazards that outdoor workers can face. Weather changes and extreme temperatures can pose serious health risks, and if an injury or death occurs on the job, employers may be responsible for workers' compensation.

Massachusetts car accident fatal for 65-year-old woman

Car accidents happen everywhere. In Massachusetts and elsewhere, wherever roads are located, there is a possibility that a car accident will occur. When a collision becomes more serious than the average fender-bender, the problems can quickly become greater than trading insurance information. Serious injuries and even death is, unfortunately, a tragic outcome of many accidents, particularly those that involve a tractor trailer or other over-sized motor vehicle.

Fatal July 4th accident leaves police, family with questions

As one of the most prominent states involved in the American Revolution, Massachusetts is often considered a prime place to celebrate the Fourth of July. Although many people celebrated this year with loved ones, one family in Massachusetts saw the holiday weekend come to an unfortunate conclusion.

Massachusetts man killed in pedestrian accident

No one ever thinks that when they leave their home to go on a walk in their neighborhood they may never make it back safely. This is exactly what happened to a 67-year-old Massachusetts man in Worcester. A neighbor reports finding the man lying face down in the road after being hit by a car versus pedestrian accident. The man was transported to the hospital. Sadly, he later succumbed to his injuries as a result of the accident.

Inaction could lead to wrongful death in Massachusetts

Most everywhere in Massachusetts, it's generally considered poor form for a male to enter a designated female restroom or locker room. At Planet Fitness, male employees are prohibited from entering the ladies room. However, it would seem that common sense should prevail in any instance where a medical emergency designated the need for 'breaking the rules.' A 22-year-old woman recently suffered may be deemed a wrongful death because a male employee would not enter the female restroom to tend to her after she collapsed.

Car crash victims eligible for compensation in Massachusetts?

No matter what factors lead to a crash, all car accidents can be considered tragic in some way or another. Even when traveling at a moderate speed, the weight and mass of a motor vehicle makes it a rolling weapon. This is especially true when drivers fail to exercise due diligence, thus endangering the lives of all others on the road. Recently, a car crash involving two vehicles in Massachusetts left two people injured.

Massachusetts motorcyclist severely injured at intersection

People living in Massachusetts know how dangerous motorcycle accidents can be. For one, a motorcyclist is generally heavily exposed on the road, and the possibility for severe injury or death to occur as a result of this vulnerability is very high. Additionally, when high speeds and hard-to-see vehicles are involved, sometimes one of these unfortunate accidents is all but unavoidable. One such motorcyclist was injured recently after his bike crashed into another car while crossing an intersection.

Massachusetts pain clinics receive subpoena in wrongful death

People generally depend upon medical professionals to help them maintain their health as well as their quality of life through proper medical treatments. However, most people would not expect visiting a medical professional would result in injury or death. Unfortunately, this is what happened to 745 people in 20 different states who received pain medication created by a Massachusetts drug manufacturer. Now the drug maker is facing numerous wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits as a result of the outbreak.

Massachusetts car accident injures 3

During the busiest travel time in most cities, a roll-over collision involving two vehicles, a cargo van and an SUV, shut down traffic for a brief time in one section of Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The car accident was reported to police and rescuers around 5:00 p.m. on a recent afternoon. A total of three people were injured.

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