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September 2013 Archives

Workers' compensation benefits payable for inhalation of smoke

A workplace injury is the prerequisite for establishing the validity of workers' compensation claim for benefits. Such injury also includes diseases that can be shown to be causally related to the nature of the work. Usually a treating physician will have to testify that the injury or disease was caused by work conditions. In a state other than Massachusetts, a court recently held that a man who assisted with a rescue effort after an explosion in a mine at work was entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

Massachusetts resident killed in fatal car accident

Negligence is a common denominator responsible for the majority of accidents that occur in modern society. Tragically, these accidents often cause serious injury or even death. Many of them could be prevented simply by motorists carefully focusing their attention on the road. New drivers and young adults are more prone to mistakes, making the first few years of driving the most dangerous for many. Unfortunately, the apparent mistakes of a young adult in Massachusetts recently caused a fatal car accident that killed a woman in Canton.

Massachusetts child killed in pedestrian accident

Children are tragically killed in car accidents every year. After a serious accident, a child will likely have more serious injuries than an adult. Modern society has tried to enforce safety precautions to keep children safer, but unfortunately, young people are still involved in accidents that can be very serious. One such accident occurred recently in Massachusetts when a young boy was killed in a pedestrian accident.

Premises liability for inadequate security applies to businesses

If you own a business you may be liable to a customer who was violently injured on your property by third parties if you knew or should have known that such danger existed. A recent article in Huffington Post references two federal cases that discuss the duty owed, if any, in cases claiming injuries from third parties. The rules for premises liability regarding inadequate security claims are basically the same in Massachusetts and the rest of the states.

Massachusetts man dies during collision in fatal car accident

Tragic car accidents that result in injury or death can cause lots of turmoil for victims and their families. If a victim is killed in the accident there is a chance that the family could be put under financial strain in an already difficult period of time. Unfortunately, the family of a Massachusetts man may be in such a situation after he was killed in a fatal car accident.

The closed head injury victim suffers life-changing restrictions

Brain injuries present demanding challenges for preparation of personal injury negotiations and settlement with the wrongdoer's counsel or insurer. Closed head injury in Massachusetts and throughout the country is not always easily proved, and must be established instead by medical inferences and circumstantial probabilities. In such cases, neuropsychologists and similar practitioners are sometimes used to establish a physiological connection with the particular symptoms that the injured victim is suffering.

Massachusetts car accident kills 2, injures 2 more

Driving can become a dangerous action for the driver and others on the road if someone becomes distracted while behind the wheel. Accidents caused by negligence often cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Unfortunately, the apparent negligence of one driver in Massachusetts tragically caused two fatalities and injured two other people in a recent car accident.

Pedestrian accident in Massachusetts kills elderly man, dog

Routine actions such as walking a dog or jogging can turn deadly if a negligent driver makes a serious mistake. Parks, for people and for dogs, can allow people to get off of busy streets and decrease the chances that a pedestrian accident will occur. Unfortunately a pedestrian in Massachusetts was recently killed while walking his dog when he was hit by a car on a local roadway.

Car accident in Massachusetts injures 2

Hundreds of car crashes occur every day, and far too many of them result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Understandably, a car accident can have detrimental repercussions on victims and their families, both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, a man was severely injured recently in a Massachusetts car accident.

OSHA has program to combat hearing loss as a workplace injury

OSHA has instituted a push to get companies to increase efforts to protect the hearing of their workers. In Massachusetts and nationwide, workers often sustain a kind of gradual-onset workplace injury that may not rise to the level of deafness but which results in loss of clarity and a loss of understanding. Those abilities are needed in the workplace to avoid other kinds of injuries. The Department of Labor has verified that hearing loss is a major life deficit that can lead to personal isolation due to loss of communication abilities.

Massachusetts motorcycle accident left 1 seriously injured.

Motorcycles can quickly change from a fun efficient way to travel to a deadly vehicle if precautions are not taken by the rider and other drivers on the road. Motorcycles do not have as many safety measures as cars or trucks. This, combined with the negligence that is often the root cause of an accident involving a motorcycle, can create a very hazardous situation quickly. A man in Massachusetts was seriously injured recently after being involved in a motorcycle accident between his bike and a van.

NFL and retired players settle lawsuit claiming brain injury

Traumatic brain injury remains a bit of a mystery. That may be why 4,500 retired NFL players entered into a $765 million settlement with the NFL as compensation for brain injuries from repetitive concussions. The lawsuit was filed by the former players to obtain compensation for the symptoms of brain injury experienced in retirement and attributed to years of repetitive head concussions. In Massachusetts and elsewhere, the scientific information about traumatic concussion injury remains limited, but there are growing signs of a direct link between concussion and long-term cognitive and psychiatric consequences.

Massachusetts woman killed in recent pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents are often horrific and violent, and sometimes even fatal. A life can change in mere seconds, particularly when a motor vehicle is involved. Unfortunately a pedestrian accident took the life of an elderly woman recently in Massachusetts.

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