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October 2013 Archives

Massachusetts firefighter injured in motorcycle accident

Firefighters are often seen as invincible heroes. Unfortunately, these men and women are not invincible, and are sometimes hurt or killed in accidents that are not related at all to their jobs. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in America, and have even taken the lives of off-duty firefighters. A Massachusetts firefighter was seriously injured recently in a car accident involving a drunk driver.

Toddler killed by SUV; wrongful death claim possible

There are responsibilities that come along with operating a motor vehicle. One of those responsibilities is to check the surrounding area for people before backing up. Too many accidents happen, which could have been prevented by taking a few extra minutes to pay attention before getting into the vehicle. When drivers don't take proper precautions before operating their vehicles, facing a wrongful death claim is a likely reality.

Pedestrian accident in Massachusetts injures 1 person

Accidents involving pedestrians are not as common as accidents between motor vehicles, but they can often be much more severe. Drivers sometimes forget about pedestrians, which can create very dangerous situations for all parties involved. Pedestrians are very vulnerable in these situations, and can many times be left with serious injuries or even loss of life. A woman from Massachusetts was seriously injured recently in a pedestrian accident.

Massachusetts car accident injures 2

Accidents occur every day in the United States, but what might otherwise be a harmless collision can become very serious if a pedestrian is involved. A pedestrian's lack of protection can be a deadly factor in a car crash. If the accident is not deadly, it can often seriously injure the pedestrian, even if the driver sustains no injuries. However, in a recent car accident in Massachusetts, both the pedestrian and the driver of the motor vehicle involved were seriously injured.

Wrongful death lawsuit possible option in Massachusetts crash

Finding out that a loved one was killed in a car collision in Massachusetts can cause overwhelming heartache and anger, especially if the victim was a bicyclist. Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable near streets because, unlike vehicles, they have very little protection. In this type of scenario, the family of the bicyclist who was killed has the right to pursue monetary damages through a wrongful death lawsuit in an effort to ease pain and suffering following the accident. The financial damages can also cover funeral costs.

Massachusetts homeless man hurt in pedestrian accident

Pedestrians have no protection to shield them when they are hit by a vehicle, and this can lead to serious injury. Drivers often forget that pedestrians have the right of way. They need to give pedestrians ample room to be certain that a serious situation does not occur. However, it is sometime too easy for drivers to ignore pedestrians and their actions. Unfortunately, a homeless man was recently injured in Massachusetts when he was involved in a pedestrian accident with a minivan.

Massachusetts fatal car accident kills mother and daughter

Police officers can sometimes forget that they must obey the laws they enforce on a daily basis. When this occurs, it can produce very dangerous situations that can lead to injury or even death for the officer or someone else. Unfortunately, a Massachusetts State Trooper was charged after he was involved in a fatal car accident.

Pedestrian accident in Massachusetts kills man

Motor vehicle drivers often forget that pedestrians have the right of way. This can often lead to negligence on the part of the driver and sometimes lead to an accident between the driver and the pedestrian. These types of accidents can often leave the pedestrian with severe or even fatal injuries. Unfortunately, one such pedestrian accident in Massachusetts killed a man recently.

Is Massachusetts workers' compensation enough?

When an employee is injured or dies on the job, workers' compensation benefits are set in motion. With the high costs of funeral expenses, workers' compensation benefits in Massachusetts may not be enough since the maximum amount paid is $4000. The Families of Fallen Workers Burial Act may raise the amount of benefits paid out.

Massachusetts fatal car accident: Victim ejected from vehicle

People always seem to be in a hurry, and this can often cause negligence. Normally this only causes someone tripping or tripping someone else. However when these people get behind the wheel it can create catastrophic scenarios. This can leave other drivers seriously injured or even dead. Unfortunately, a man in Massachusetts was recently killed after another driver caused a fatal car accident.

Massachusetts woman killed in tragic car accident

Seldom do people realize that the smallest mistakes while driving can create highly dangerous situations in a split second. Negligence in operating a motor vehicle can quickly cause serious injury or even death. These accidents cannot only injure the victims, but they can also harm the families emotionally. Unfortunately, a Massachusetts woman was killed recently after a car accident caused by an apparently negligent driver.

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