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Car accident in Massachusetts injures 2 people

Car accidents that involve two cars can be dangerous enough if the wrong conditions are present. However, if multiple cars are involved in the accident, the severity of the aftermath can be drastically increased and victims can be seriously hurt or even killed. Unfortunately, a car accident that involved multiple cars injured two people recently in Massachusetts.

Man rescued after Massachusetts workplace accident

Emergency personnel worked diligently to extricate a Massachusetts construction worker who was unable to free himself from a trench in which he had been working. The workplace accident happened at an area housing project that is currently being built. Officials are still investigating what caused the trench to cave in and where the man was located when it happened.

Massachusetts car accident leaves 2 people injured

Car accidents can be awful enough if only one or two cars are involved, but if more than two cars are tangled up in the accident, the outcome can be even worse. The injuries that are the result of accidents of this nature can often be very severe or even deadly. One recent car accident in Massachusetts left two people injured.

Massachusetts woman injured in pedestrian accident

Roads can be dangerous for those who are securely in a vehicle, but for pedestrians who have no protection surrounding them, the risk is greatly increased. The negligence of those who operate a motor vehicle on public roads can sometimes have tragic outcomes that can end in the injury or even death of other persons. Unfortunately, a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts recently injured a woman.

Spinal cord injury research suggests ability to regain function

When an individual in Massachusetts or elsewhere is subjected to an injury that brings damage to their spinal cord, circumstances are altered in a way that affects virtually every aspect of one's life. While the degree of damage varies, most patients with a spinal cord injury will suffer from the loss of multiple types of physical functionality. As those losses become apparent, many patients also suffer a measure of depression and/or anxiety.

Massachusetts fatal car accident could put man in prison

The family of someone who is involved in a fatal car accident can often be emotionally injured after their loved one is gone. Fortunately, the person who caused the accident is sometimes remorseful for their actions, and sometimes even takes their punishment gracefully. This can often allow the family to cope easier, knowing that the person who took the life of their family member feels shame for what they did. In Massachusetts, a man recently pleaded guilty for causing a fatal car accident.

Massachusetts car accident leaves woman with major injuries

Driver negligence accounts for many of the motor vehicle accidents that occur across the United States. These accidents can range anywhere from a minor fender bender to a serious accident that results in injury and/or death. When multiple drivers are involved, the potential for severe consequences increases. Unfortunately, a woman in Massachusetts was recently involved in a serious car accident that left her with life-threatening injuries.

Massachusetts family awarded wrongful death settlement

It's unfortunate whenever a life is cut short prematurely. Often it can feel even more tragic when that life had only recently entered adulthood. For one Massachusetts family, the pain may begin to diminish now that they've reached a settlement in their wrongful death lawsuit, which followed the death of their 20-year-old daughter.

Massachusetts car accident on interstate injures 1

Interstate accidents can quickly get out of hand because of the pure chaos that usually accompanies them. The high speeds on interstates can play a major factor in the seriousness of an accident. If one of these accidents includes more than one car, the chance of someone being injured is increased. A recent car accident in Massachusetts, involving multiple cars, injured one woman.

Massachusetts pedestrian accident kills 1 and injures another

The victim of a pedestrian accident can often be left with physical injuries or even killed, but the unseen emotional scars that the victim or family can be left with are much more demoralizing. That emotional pain can be amplified if the person who caused the accident does not stop, but instead drives away and leaves the victim there to die. Unfortunately, one such pedestrian accident in Massachusetts recently took the life of one person and left another injured.

Several Massachusetts riders injured in motorcycle accidents

Massachusetts motorcycle riders are well aware of the dangers that exist when riding on open roads with other motor vehicles. The negligence of other drivers is very apparent to motorcyclists, and many find it necessary to stay alert and be ready to act in case they are put in harm's way. The lack of protection that motorcyclists have can add even more risk to these dangerous situations, and they can often be seriously injured or even killed.

Workplace accident causes fines for Massachusetts bakery

Workplace accidents can result in substantial fines and penalties from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration if the company in question is found to be in violation of safety regulations or allowing unsafe practices in their workplace. When someone is injured on the job in Massachusetts, a worker's compensation claim can coincide with the OSHA investigation. The worker's compensation claim can help provide the person who had the workplace accident with often sorely needed insurance benefits to cover medical bills and lost income for time missed from the job while recovering.

Massachusetts pedestrian accident injures 2 people

Car accidents that involve multiple cars can quickly increase in their level of severity each time a new car becomes involved. With each additional vehicle, the chance of someone else receiving serious injuries or being killed increases drastically. Multi-car accidents that involve pedestrians can become even more serious, as the lack of protection for the pedestrian can often leave him or her with seriously injured. A very recent pedestrian accident in Massachusetts injured two people.

Law firm must pay premises liability damages to chair victim

When a meeting with a professional in his or her office results in a serious enough personal injury to a potential client the purpose of the meeting tends to get lost, and the need for entirely different outcomes may overtake its original purpose. This happened in a locality outside of Massachusetts when a man was meeting with a personal injury lawyer about retaining the lawyer's services. The chair he occupied collapsed and he suffered disabling injuries unrelated to the injuries being discussed in the meeting. The potential client made a claim for personal injury based on premises liability against the personal injury law firm.

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