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Hearing set in wrongful death of Massachusetts woman

Typical Massachusetts teenagers should have a myriad of opportunities available to them. They are young and just starting to make their mark on the world. That bright future can change in an instant, however, if an automobile accident causes the wrongful death of another person.

Massachusetts woman killed during pedestrian accident

Wintery conditions can often have an effect on a driver's ability to react, but this does not mean that negligence is acceptable on the driver's part. Crosswalks are supposed to allow pedestrians a safe way to cross the street, however, they can be dangerous if drivers do not recognize them as well. A woman was tragically killed last week in a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts.

2 injured after car accident in Massachusetts

The holidays often mean traveling for many families, and this can also mean congested highways across the nation. Although flying is usually the quickest option for long-distance travel, many families decide to drive to their family Christmas celebrations. Holiday traffic mixed with the negligence of many drivers can create very dangerous situations that can end in tragedy. Unfortunately, a car accident in Massachusetts recently sent more than one person to the hospital.

Massachusetts postal worker's wrongful death caused by heat

Neither rain nor snow will stop the mailman. It's a common saying and part of the unofficial motto of the United States Postal Service. When the determination to carry on, no matter what the Massachusetts weather brings, results in a wrongful death, that saying may require some tweaking.

Fatal car accident in Massachusetts kills 2

Injuries and fatalities caused by drunk driving accidents are always tragic, especially since they could often easily be avoided. Unfortunately, this widespread problem takes the lives of a countless number each year despite the best efforts of many organizations. This mistake can rip a family to shreds emotionally and leave a lasting impact on the loved ones of the victim. Unfortunately, a fatal car accident in Massachusetts recently killed the daughter of the driver as well as another driver involved.

Massachusetts man's back injury prompts letter to Santa

Although the Christmas season should be a time of happiness and good will, for many people it can often end up being a very stressful occasion. Extra expenses on top of the standard monthly bills can strain an already too-tight budget. A Massachusetts man who suffered a back injury last year knows this reality all too well.

Man arrested for causing Massachusetts bus accident

The investigation of an accident can sometimes take an extended period of time, which can indirectly hurt the family of the victim as they wait to find the cause of their loved one's death. Even after investigations are completed and the person who is supposedly responsible is arrested, the legal system can be a long and confusing road. In Massachusetts, a man was recently arrested for his involvement in a bus accident that killed one woman.

Car accident in Massachusetts injures 3 people

Traffic can be the main factor when an accident occurs, however this does not excuse drivers who cause the collisions when they are driving in a negligent manner. Drivers must realize that increased attention is very important if traffic is heavy. If this is not realized, the likelihood of an accident occurring is greatly increased. Unfortunately, this became apparent when a car accident in Massachusetts injured several people recently.

Massachusetts pedestrian accident leaves 1 man with injuries

Pedestrians are known for sometimes not using the crosswalk, but this does not mean that drivers have the right-of-way when a pedestrian runs across the street in front of them. Sometimes an accident could have been avoided -- along with the injuries that may follow -- if the driver had been paying full attention to the road instead of the numerous other distractions that are possible when operating a motor vehicle. A pedestrian accident in Massachusetts left a man injured recently.

Fatal Massachusetts accident may prompt wrongful death lawsuit

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is not only against the law, it's dangerous to everyone involved. When paired with a high rate of speed, driving while impaired can prove to be deadly. A Massachusetts man who allegedly did both could potentially face a wrongful death lawsuit in the aftermath of a car accident that left two people dead and two seriously injured.

Fatal car accident in Massachusetts kills 1 woman

Car accidents are sometimes more serious than a normal fender-bender, and the injuries that are the result of these accidents are also tragically more severe. Serious injury or even death is a very real possibility if two cars collide while traveling at normal speeds under the wrong conditions. Unfortunately, a fatal car accident recently took the life of one Massachusetts woman.

Massachusetts woman suffers head injury from police car

The head is arguably one of the most important parts of the human body. In the event of an accident involving pedestrians, with a vehicle fully armored and the pavement unwilling to give, this can make a head injury all the more terrifying. As one Massachusetts pedestrian found out, head injuries can change everything in the blink of an eye.

Massachusetts pedestrian accident injures 1 man

Unfortunately, the drivers of motor vehicles can sometimes forget that they are not the only ones on or near the road. This can create very dangerous situations for those who are not in a car when drivers are not more careful. The injuries that often follow these situations can be very severe, and can be worse than that of a car accident. A pedestrian accident occurred in Massachusetts recently that injured one man.

Massachusetts fatal car accident kills 1 woman

The fatalities in a car accident can leave a huge emotional burden on the family of the victim and others that were involved in the accident. It can take years for a person to recover from losing a loved one in this tragic way, though full emotional recovery is not always possible. Unfortunately, the family of one Massachusetts woman is going through this right now after she was killed in a fatal car accident.

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