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Massachusetts car accident injures multiple people

Although highways are a very convenient way to travel for many Americans, the high speeds and constant lane changes can create very dangerous situations if they are not carried out properly. These situations can turn into serious accidents that can leave those involved with severe injuries that can change their lives for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, a car accident on a Massachusetts highway recently injured multiple people.

Massachusetts woman suffers wrongful death in ambulance crash

Most everyone knows that when an ambulance sounds its siren to indicate that it is in the area, the standard procedure is to pull over and let it pass. It is the best way to ensure the vehicle can pass safely and get the injured or sick person inside to their destination as quickly as possible. Indeed, most states have a "move over" law that requires motorists to yield the roadway to emergency vehicles (such as an ambulance) with their red and/or white lights operating. The wrongful death of a Massachusetts woman illustrates what can happen when that is ignored.

Man pleads not guilty after fatal car accident in Massachusetts

The events that follow someone being charged with causing a car accident can be a painfully long process. This can put everyone involved on an emotional roller-coaster for the entire time -- especially the family of the deceased victim. The full process from start to finish can take months and, throughout this time, the family is constantly reminded of the tragedy. One person recently pleaded not guilty in Massachusetts to the charges that were brought against him for his involvement in a fatal car accident last year.

Car accident in Massachusetts injures multiple people

Car accidents occur every day on the hundreds of interstates that wind their way through America. These accidents are often more severe than those that occur on other types of roads, and the injuries that stem from them are often more severe as well. Unfortunately, several people were injured in a car accident that took place in Massachusetts recently.

Massachusetts man crushed to death in workplace accident

Responsible employers make every attempt to create a safe work environment for their employees. Unfortunately, that is not always possible and accidents occur. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating a recent workplace accident at a Massachusetts seafood manufacturing plant that resulted in the death of one of its workers.

Man sentenced for causing fatal car accident in Massachusetts

Car accidents occur every day on the various roads that run throughout Massachusetts. The more severe accidents can leave the victims seriously injured or even dead. The families of deceased victims are often not satisfied with the punishment that is given to the person who killed their loved one. One family in Massachusetts is currently going through this after a woman was killed in a fatal car accident.

Massachusetts car accident injures 1 person

Car accidents occur every day throughout the state of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, some of these accidents can be very serious and the injuries that result can be severe. Injuries that are received in a car accident can change the victim's life indefinitely, both physically and mentally. An example may be found in a recent car accident in which one man sustained injuries.

Massachusetts man injured in pedestrian accident

People who work as emergency responders are oftentimes seen as invincible, especially after they retire from their dangerous line of work. Society sometimes forgets that they are human as well and, because of this, can be hurt or killed just like anyone else. Unfortunately, a retired firefighter in Massachusetts was killed in a pedestrian accident recently.

Fatal workplace accident of Massachusetts man not a crime

Responsible employers in Massachusetts want to provide a safe work environment for their employees. They offer safety training and have programs in place to ensure their workers are as safe as they can possibly be. Sometimes, however, despite all their precautions, a workplace accident occurs that forever changes the lives of the people affected.

Man accused in wrongful death indicted in Massachusetts

Many car accidents are caused by people who are driving while drunk. It is not an unusual occurrence for someone who is inebriated to make a driving decision that causes an auto accident. When that accident results in a wrongful death, legal action may be the next logical step.

Car accident in Massachusetts leaves multiple people injured

Car accidents, depending on the seriousness, can injure everyone that is involved. This sometimes includes the person who caused the accident, along with the other individuals. However, this does not mean that the driver who caused the wreck should not have to accept responsibility for what he or she has done. One recent car accident in Massachusetts left the driver who caused the collision with the worst injuries.

One person killed in Massachusetts fatal car accident

Car accidents occur every day across the United States, and unfortunately those involved can be seriously injured or even killed if the accident is serious enough. If one of the victims is killed, it can often leave the family emotionally wrecked. Though their emotional wounds may begin to heal over time, the lives of the family members are likely never the same. Unfortunately, the family of a Massachusetts resident may be going through this after she was killed in a fatal car accident.

Car accident in Massachusetts leaves 5 people injured

Accidents happen every day on the various roads that wind through the United States. These accidents can leave some of the victims injured and can often leave all of the victims with emotional injuries as well. These injuries sometimes take longer to heal and can make it harder for the people to return to their normal routines. Unfortunately, a car accident in Massachusetts left numerous people with injuries recently.

Fatal car accident in Massachusetts kills 1 man

Two of the most dangerous places on the Interstate are the entrance and the exit ramps. The rapid acceleration and deceleration that are required to safely navigate these locations can sometimes be very hard to achieve, and when they are not achieved tragic accidents can follow. These accidents can seriously injure or even kill the individuals who are involved. One such fatal car accident took the life of an elderly man in Massachusetts.

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