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Massachusetts woman receives injuries from pedestrian accident

Pedestrians are often the most vulnerable individuals who use the many roads and sidewalks in the United States. This vulnerability combined with the negligence that can envelope drivers as they are driving can create catastrophic events with tragic injuries. Pedestrians can be seriously injured if they are involved in an accident with a vehicle. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in Massachusetts sent an individual to the hospital recently.

Wrongful death lawsuit possible in Massachusetts auto accident

Accidents happen. It is an undeniable fact of life. Luckily, they can sometimes be just a minor inconvenience. Other times, however, they are more serious and have life-altering effects. A car wreck that happened about two years ago is in the latter category for a Massachusetts teenager who could potentially face a wrongful death lawsuit for his role in its occurrence.

Massachusetts man killed in pedestrian accident

Pedestrians can be the most vulnerable individuals who are located on or near the road when they are compared to the various vehicles that are driven on the same roads. This, combined with the negligence of some drivers, can be a dangerous combination that ends with the injury or death of the pedestrian. Unfortunately, a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts recently killed one person.

Car accident in Massachusetts sends 1 to hospital

Interstates can be an excellent way for drivers to quickly get to their locations, but the high speeds and rapid lane changes that often accompany interstates can create very dangerous situations. Multiple vehicles can suddenly be involved in an accident before any of the drivers have time to comprehend what is taking place. Unfortunately, a car accident in Massachusetts recently involved multiple vehicles and sent one woman to the hospital.

Several Massachusetts victims injured in pedestrian accident

Pedestrians are often more prone to being injured if they are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle of any type. The lack of protection that someone outside of a vehicle has makes them very vulnerable when put in a dangerous situation with a car. Unfortunately, multiple people were injured in a pedestrian accident at a Massachusetts college recently.

Massachusetts company cited to prevent workplace accident

When a company appears to take the safety of its workers for granted, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can step in. The agency can levy fines and penalties reaching thousands of dollars if they think it is warranted. The cost to the company is considered a deterrent to unsafe practices, meant to help prevent a future workplace accident from happening.

Fatal car accident in Massachusetts kills 1 unidentified victim

The short time directly after an accident takes place can be a time of confusion and chaos. The police are attempting to figure out what happened and those who are impacted are attempting to come to grips with what just happened. If someone is killed they must be identified, and then the police has the task of gently telling the person's family. Unfortunately, this may well be what is taking place after a fatal car accident in Massachusetts took the life of one person.

1 Massachusetts man killed, 1 injured in workplace accident

Repairing a broken water line can be a fairly common duty for someone who works for the Department of Public Works. Although it is not an easy job, it is not one that is typically considered to be life-threatening or excessively dangerous. Sadly, for two Massachusetts men who were recently victims of a workplace accident, it was both.

Mattress may have caused fatal car accident

Often car accidents are caused by the negligence of one of the drivers who is involved or by other conditions that cannot be helped. However, some collisions are caused by the negligence of drivers who are not even directly involved, such as if something falls off a person's vehicle and obstructs part of the roadway. Unfortunately, one such fatal car accident took place in Massachusetts recently.

Car accident in Massachusetts kills one person

Negligence behind the wheel is a big problem on the roads spanning the vast area of the United States. This negligence can often lead to pointless car accidents that injure or even kill those who are involved. Accidents of this nature could be easily prevented if those who are driving pay attention to the road for the time that they are on the road. Unfortunately, one Massachusetts individual was recently killed in a car accident that involved alleged negligence.

Massachusetts wrongful death: Mattress fell from Rte. 128 pickup

Experienced drivers in Massachusetts and elsewhere know to expect the unexpected when driving. It can sometimes be the difference in keeping a near-miss from becoming an actual accident or even a wrongful death. Unfortunately, even excellent drivers cannot always anticipate what is going to happen or the effect it will have on their lives.

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