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Former officer to blame for fatal car accident in Massachusetts?

Police officers are sometimes idolized throughout the United States for upholding the law and protecting citizens of our nation. This can be a problem when a current or former officer makes a mistake that has serious consequences for those involved. Suddenly the public's idea of law enforcement can become opaque and it may be hard to understand how someone who formerly protected the public might have been responsible for someone's serious injury. Unfortunately, one former police officer in Massachusetts is facing charges for his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run car accident.

Crosswalk accident allegedly caused by driver in Massachusetts

Bicycling is a popular hobby and form of transportation in many parts of the United States, but the lack of protection that a bicyclist has while riding is disturbingly low. When an accident takes place and involves a car and a bicycle, it can leave the rider injured or even killed. Unfortunately, one crosswalk accident in Massachusetts recently injured a bicyclist seriously enough to require medical treatment.

Wrongful death suit could stem from Massachusetts accident

When a fatal accident occurs, it can sometimes take an extended period of time before the situation can be settled. In many cases, investigations must be done and court proceedings must take place. As a result, family members of accident victims may have wrongful death claims pending for some time before they can be fully addressed.

Trolley accident in Massachusetts causes multiple injuries

Commercial transportation is a great way for many people to travel from one place to another, but when the driver of the vehicle makes a mistake, it can have devastating consequences. One wrong decision by the driver can create very dangerous situations that can lead to multiple injuries. Unfortunately, one accident in Massachusetts that was caused by the error of the driver resulted in multiple injuries.

Man injured in Massachusetts pedestrian accident

Pedestrians are sometimes the most vulnerable individuals that are on or near the road. Their lack of protection and the carelessness that many drivers have when pedestrians are involved can create very dangerous circumstances for pedestrians. These situations can quickly turn into accidents that leave the pedestrians with serious injuries, or worse. Unfortunately, a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts recently left a man injured.

Fatal Massachusetts car accident could prompt wrongful death suit

What may have started as a quick walk around the neighborhood ended tragically for a 55-year-old Massachusetts woman. The woman was killed while walking down the street in an area that was just minutes from her home. Her family could potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit in response to the tragedy.

Pedestrian accident in Massachusetts kills 1

Nighttime can be a dangerous time for all those who are on the road because of the impaired vision that drivers have while in the dark. This can be especially dangerous for those who are not in vehicles, but are instead walking along the road or attempting to cross the street. Pedestrians are more vulnerable than individuals who are in vehicles and are, therefore, at more risk when walking at night. Unfortunately, one person was recently killed in a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts car accident leaves multiple people injured

Car accidents that take place on the various interstates running through the United States can leave many who are involved suffering from injuries. The high speeds that go along with interstates enable accidents to occur in a very short amount of time and can involve many people before they are able to comprehend what is happening. Unfortunately, one car accident in Massachusetts recently injured multiple people.

Serious head injury possible for 2 women hurt at TD Garden

Hockey games are sometimes thought to be fairly aggressive affairs as two teams battle it out to determine a winner. The violence is usually confined to the hockey rink, however, and does not tend to involve the fans. Two women who spent the end of a recent game at a Massachusetts hospital -- each with a possible head injury or other physical damage -- might dispute that claim.

Massachusetts car accident leaves 1 injured in Boston

Car accidents can be tragic enough if those involved are injured. When an accident takes place on a major highway or Interstate, the effects of it can be much worse. High speeds and/or distracted driving can quickly lead to serious accidents and serious injuries or even death. Unfortunately, one car accident in Massachusetts recently sent one person to the hospital.

Massachusetts car accident causes multiple injuries

Negligence can be a major cause of many car accidents that take place across the United States. The physical and emotional injuries that result are seemingly senseless. These types of accidents could be easily avoided if drivers paid attention to the road instead of focusing on the numerous distractions that are in modern vehicles. One car accident in Massachusetts recently injured multiple people.

Massachusetts man could face wrongful death lawsuit

A Massachusetts man was cited recently for vehicular homicide for his supposed role in a fatal car accident last September. The man could potentially face a wrongful death lawsuit as well. A hearing regarding the criminal charge has been scheduled tentatively for early spring.

Bicyclists injured in Massachusetts car accident

Many colleges in the United States have expansive campuses that can be difficult to travel across on foot in a timely manner. However, a bicycle can be an ideal way for students to get from class to class, and a college campus is usually a safe place for bicyclists. However, the few roads that are traveled by drivers of motor vehicles can pose a threat to the less defended individuals. Unfortunately, a car accident in Massachusetts recently injured a bicyclist.

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