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Massachusetts car accident injures 3 people

The majority of car accidents that happen throughout the United States are not serious enough to cause major injuries to those involved, but the few accidents that are can change the victims' lives for an extended period of time. Severe accidents can often be caused by negligent drivers, especially if those drivers do not obey the traffic lights that are put in place to prevent these accidents. Unfortunately, one car accident in Massachusetts recently left multiple people injured.

Car accident in Massachusetts injures 1

Car accidents take place every day on the various roads that run throughout the United States, but the majority of these accidents are not severe enough to injure anyone involved. However, if an accident is serious enough, it can leave those involved with serious injuries. These injuries, even if they are not fatal, can change the victim’s life for an extended period of time after the accident takes place. One car accident in Massachusetts recently injured one woman.

Postal officials say dog bite can come from any dog

Throughout the country, many cities have moved to draft legislation that bans the ownership of certain breeds of dogs. The efforts stem from the theory that only specific breeds, or mixes thereof, afford the highest probability of generating a dog bite incident. However, according to statistics compiled by many jurisdictions, possibly even in Massachusetts, the truth is that any dog can bite.

Was Massachusetts man wrongfully accused of car accident?

With rising gas prices and the environmental concern of modern times, bicycling has become a popular way for individuals to travel short distances. Although this may be better for the environment, individuals that ride their bicycles near roads can be at a heightened risk of being involved in an accident. Although many of these accidents do not result in injury to the driver of the vehicle, they can seriously injure the rider. One car accident in Massachusetts recently injured a man while he was riding his bicycle.

Massachusetts driver accused of causing bus crash

Buses are often a popular way for many individuals throughout the United States. This means that bus drivers are often held to a higher standard of safety then normal drivers. When this standard is not met and the operator drives in a negligent manner, it can result in dangerous situation that quickly turns into an accident. These accidents can seriously injure those involved and alter their lives for an extended period of time. Unfortunately one bus crash in Massachusetts resulted in the injury of numerous people recently.

Serious workplace accident leaves 6 injured

Factory work can be a dangerous undertaking even when every employee follows every safety protocol. That point was brought home once again when a serious workplace accident left six steelworkers hurt, one of whom was classified as seriously injured. The plant is not located in Massachusetts, but workers in every state could potentially suffer injuries on the job.

Fatal car accident kills 1 in Massachusetts

Pedestrian accidents can often be tragic mishaps that injure or even kill those that are involved. The lack of protection that pedestrians have can be quite alarming when negligent drivers are on the roads, especially if these drivers are under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence of any controlled substance is never a valid excuse for an accident, especially if the accident takes the life of an individual. Unfortunately, one fatal car accident in Massachusetts recently took the life of a pedestrian.

Workplace accident kills sewer construction worker

There are some career fields that are inherently more dangerous than others, such as the construction industry. Despite federal regulations that work to keep the occurrence of a workplace accident to a minimum, accidents still occur. When accidents occur in a Massachusetts workplace, especially in cases where a fatality may have occurred, it is likely that the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) will conduct an independent investigation.

Motorcycle rider injured in Massachusettts

Motorcycles can be a gas saving alternative to a full size automobile, but they do not offer the protection that many cars provide to their occupants. Unfortunately, this can mean that individuals that are riding a motorcycle when in an accident can be seriously injured, while those in a vehicle may remain unscathed. One motorcycle accident in Massachusetts recently injured an individual who was on a motorcycle.

Fatal car accident in Massachusetts kills 1 woman

Car accidents can leave those involved with both emotional and physical injuries, but if a victim is killed, it can hurt the family emotionally as well. These types of wounds can take longer to heal than any physical damage from an accident, and they can often be more detrimental to an individual's daily life. Unfortunately, one fatal car accident in Massachusetts recently killed one individual.

Mother suffers back injury after jump to save baby from fire

Many tenants in Massachusetts apartment buildings are not prepared for the event of a fire breaking out in the building. The shock and confusion in the event of such a fire make it difficult for the occupants to know what action to take. This is especially true when a mother and baby are trapped by the flames. One mother, now suffering serious back injury, recently jumped down three stories to save her child.

Massachusetts state trooper indicted for car accident

Drunk driving is often a serious offense that can be very dangerous for the driver and those around him or her, and it can lead to serious accidents that injure or even kill those involved. However, when police officers are involved in a drunk driving accident, it can shock those affected because of an officer's responsibility to uphold the law. One officer was indicted for his involvement in a car accident in 2013 that killed two people in Massachusetts.

Car accident in Massachusetts kills 1

Drivers are not always aware of their surroundings, and can sometimes make detrimental mistakes that create dangerous situations. New drivers can have a more difficult time driving because of their lack of experience, and may not have the ability to react when dangerous situations occur. This can lead to accidents that seriously injure or even kill those involved in the accident. Unfortunately, one fatal car accident in Massachusetts killed a young girl recently.

Massachusetts fatal car accident kills 1

Traffic signals are built every day to make intersections safer for those on the roads, but sometimes these very signals give drivers a false sense of security. Unfortunately, not all operators of vehicles drive responsibly, and sometimes these drivers can ignore traffic signals. When this occurs, dangerous situations can quickly form and lead to accidents that seriously injure or even kill those involved. Unfortunately, a fatal car accident in Massachusetts took place after an individual was driving in a negligent manner and struck another vehicle.

2 men injured on the job after plank breaks on scaffolding

Readers of this blog in Massachusetts who earn a living doing things others might consider dangerous could be interested in the story of two men in another state that suffered serious injuries at work. The two were injured on the job in an accident that had the potential to cause serious damage. They fell almost 9 feet in an incident their coworkers say is unprecedented.

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