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September 2014 Archives

Insurance company offers students lesson re texting while driving

By now, almost everyone is likely aware of the dangers of operating a motor vehicle while distracted. In spite of the danger, studies continue to show that teens and young adults are still texting while driving. One Massachusetts high school recently hosted a clinic to demonstrate to students exactly how dangerous it is to take one's eyes off road.

National statistics regarding pedestrian accidents

Massachusetts drivers might be interested to know that 4,743 pedestrians died in traffic collisions nationwide in 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That represents a 3.2 percent decline in the number of fatalities recorded in 2001, when 4,901 pedestrians died on account of traffic accidents.

Bus accident claims the lives of 2 women

Massachusetts residents who frequently travel by bus or coach may be concerned about the level of protection that these vehicles offer in the event of an accident. These shortcomings were demonstrated on Sept. 21 when a bus packed with tourists overturned in Delaware. Two women lost their lives in the bus accident, and 47 others suffered injuries requiring hospital treatment.

Massachusetts man injured on the job in serious condition

Every job carries a certain degree of risk, no matter how many precautions the employee may take. However, there may be some occupations that are inherently more dangerous and may result in a worker being injured on the job. Jobs that require a worker to ascend ladders pose a greater danger, as one Massachusetts man knows only too well.

New tool to reduce distracted driving accidents being developed

Every day in Massachusetts and every other state, lives are shattered by a serious or fatal car crash. Distracted driving accidents have become a leading cause of death and injury in the nation. However, while technology has helped create the problem, new gadgets may offer some help in controlling the issue.

Physician enters guilty plea for misdiagnoses; fraud

When patients receive the news that they have cancer or are no longer in remission, then they may feel overwhelmed and probably afraid. However, in most cases, they have a doctor whom they trust to provide the proper care and not one who would deliberately provide misdiagnoses. Unfortunately, there was one doctor who was purportedly doing just that. This doctor did not practice in Massachusetts; however, patients everywhere may be more vigilant because of his alleged actions.

Latest in Massachusetts auto accidents leaves man and dog injured

Many people enjoy outdoor activities in the company of their cherished four-footed companions. These same people may never consider that their lives could be abruptly altered after being involved in auto accidents. However, Massachusetts residents can become victims to one of these collisions whenever they leave their homes to exercise or enjoy their regular activities.

Wrongful death claim to follow Massachsetts guilty plea?

The wheels of justice may sometimes seem to move ever-so slowly in some criminal cases while the family of a victim is waiting for justice for their loved one. One Massachusetts family may now decide to pursue a wrongful death suit in order to seek recompense for monetary damages after the death of their loved one. The man who was charged in the fatal accident recently entered a guilty plea to reduced charges.

Awareness growing of risks posed for brain injury in football

High school sports, including football, have provided the background for cherished memories and grandiose storytelling for reunions. One aspect that is likely glossed over is the numbers of players who may have suffered a serious brain injury from concussions. Recently, the risks posed to high school athletes have become a major consideration for most Massachusetts school athletic programs.

Court assesses drunk driver prison time after fatal crash

On Sept. 9, a Massachusetts superior court sentenced a 30-year-old Dalton man to prison in connection with a drunk-driving accident in 2012 that took the life of a 48-year-old man. Reportedly, the guilty plea was part of a plea agreement.

Compensating you for a brain injury is our expertise

When people in Massachusetts think of a brain injury, they may imagine severe head trauma that leaves an individual unable to function at any level. However, there is actually a wide spectrum of brain injuries, ranging from mild to severe, and the long-term consequences can vary just as greatly. Despite the type of injury suffered, a brain injury victim may have to deal with long-term effects for the remainder of their life.

Forklift catches on fire in workplace accident

When there is a workplace injury, many times the work safety authorities are called in to assess the situation. They will be looking to see if there were any safety violations that could have caused an accident at a workplace in Massachusetts or in any other state. This is what happened after a recent workplace accident that involved a forklift catching on fire.

Pedestrian injured in Massachusetts accident

A pedestrian was injured by a suspected drunk driver in an accident about 40 miles from Boston in Gloucester on Sept. 3. The driver who hit the local woman allegedly had a BAC of .16 percent at the time of the crash, which is twice the legal state limit of .08 percent. The pedestrian was taken to the Gloucester Coast Guard Station and then airlifted to Boston Medical Center where she was in good condition the following day.

Teenage boy dies in potential wrongful death in Massachusetts

In a perfect society, bicyclists would always be safe no matter where they roam. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world; and bicyclists are unfortunately at a considerable amount of risk each time they ride their bikes on the road. This proved to be the case last year for one teenage bicyclist who was killed after a vehicle hit him as he was riding his bicycle on the road. Cases like this could result in a wrongful death lawsuit in Massachusetts.

Dump truck rollover leaves 2 injured

Two Massachusetts men were injured in an apparent commercial vehicle accident on Route 24 on Sep. 3. A dump truck transporting engines and other automotive parts lost its rear wheels and axle, according to a state police trooper. The truck rolled and landed on top of a silver Hyundai sedan.

Massachusetts multi-vehicle interstate crash injures 3

A multi-vehicle crash that occurred Aug. 28 on Interstate 95 in Attleboro has left three people injured. The crash happened in the southbound lanes around 6 p.m. near Exit 3. According to the Massachusetts State Police, a Ford Explorer was being driven north on I-95 by a 33-year-old Barnstable man when it crossed over the median and struck a car head-on. A third southbound vehicle was also involved in the crash.

Massachusetts man killed in wreck may be victim of wrongful death

A Massachusetts police officer who was reportedly charged in a previous drunk driving incident last year has just been charged in a tragic accident. A 26-year-old man was killed in the accident, and his family likely considers the tragedy was a wrongful death. The man's sister was also injured in the collision.

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