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Two motorcycle officers in Massachusetts hit by car

On behalf of posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Wednesday September 17, 2014

An accident in East Boston on September 5 injured two police officers from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority who were on motorcycles at the time. The officers were reportedly struck by a car that was making a U-turn.

According to a local news source, the female driver of the car was making the turn from the right lane. The two motorcycle officers were attempting to pass in the left lane at the same time and were struck by the car as it turned. The car showed heavy damage to the driver’s side in a picture from the source.

One of the officers, 37, suffered multiple injuries and was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. An MBTA spokesman said the officer needed surgery for a broken leg. The second officer, 29, was released from Boston Medical Center several hours after the accident. An investigation into the accident was being conducted and charges were pending its findings.

Regardless of whether or not criminal charges are filed after incidents such as this one, people who have been injured in motor-vehicle accidents may wish to file civil suits against other drivers who were involved in them if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that those drivers were negligent. Examples of negligence could include violating traffic laws, driving in a reckless or unsafe manner or distracted driving. Accident investigators seek to uncover the circumstances that led to accidents. While personal injury attorneys do not conduct those investigations, they can examine accident reports and witness accounts in order to determine if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that negligence led to injury-causing accidents.

Source:, “Two MBTA Motorcycle Officers Hurt in Crash“, Sara Morrison, September 05, 2014

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