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Family may seek wrongful death in fatal Ferrari crash

Massachusetts police are still investigating the causes behind a fatal car crash earlier this month. At this point, they have stated that speed appears to have been one of the factors. The crash took the life of two people. If the gathered evidence in the single vehicle wreck suggests that the driver was negligent, the family of the deceased passenger may choose to commence a wrongful death civil lawsuit.

Pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts

Residents in Massachusetts may benefit from learning more about the traffic facts on fatal pedestrian accidents published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the statistics collected by the NHTSA, pedestrians accounted for more than 20 percent of the 349 traffic fatalities that occurred during 2012. That's 72 pedestrian deaths in the state's population of over 6.6 million people. The pedestrian fatality rate in the state was 1.08 deaths per 100,000 people.

Proposed law has provisions that may prevent medical malpractice

One state will be voting on proposed law and seems to be concerned with raising the cap on monetary awards for patients who have been harmed by their physicians. However, the bill also contains provisions that may help prevent some instances of medical malpractice altogether. While this battle is not being waged in Massachusetts, the language in the bill addresses problems that may apply to doctors everywhere.

Man, 21, claims responsibility for fatal car accident

Massachusetts police in Springfield report that they arrived at an accident scene and were greeted by a man asking to be taken into custody. According to the report, the man stated that he just caused a fatal car accident that killed a passenger in the car. However, he purportedly attempted to run once they began to investigate.

Woman arrested for alleged hit-and-run

The female victim of a hit-and-run in Massachusetts was pronounced dead on Oct. 24. The 26-year-old woman died at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center around 11 a.m. The incident occurred on the night of Oct. 22. Local reports claim that this is the sixth pedestrian accident to occur in Brockton since August.

Traffic accidents injure millions in U.S.

As many Massachusetts drivers know, traffic accidents are the primary cause of injuries in the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle accidents accounted for 33,000 deaths in 2012. In addition, 2.5 million people went to the emergency room that year, and 200,000 had to stay at the hospitals.

A fatal car accident steals more than the life of your loved one

Life is a series of never-ending ups and downs. While there is much joy in life's surprises, unexpected events can just as often cause terrible pain and suffering. Many Massachusetts families have had to endure the terrible tragedy of a fatal car accident. If you have personally endured this unspeakable tragedy, you may feel overwhelmed with not just the emotional pain but the monetary damages as well.

Parents wait to see if son's death was from failure to diagnose

A family is grieving the loss of their teenage son after he died during a basketball game. Purportedly, he had received a sports physical, but it is unclear whether a serious condition was overlooked. While many Massachusetts residents may have been a victim of a doctor's failure to diagnose, it is tragic when a mistake leads to the death of a loved one.

Massachusetts working to reduce teen driver accidents

In 2012, Massachusetts families mourned the loss of 39 drivers between the ages of 16 and 20. This was a higher percentage of teen driver accidents -- at 11 percent -- than the 9.6 percent average for the nation. However, there are programs aimed at reducing the number of overall accidents for this age group.

Causes and dangers of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles can be very dangerous when a rider has limited protection. Helmets can save lives in some situations, but motorcyclists are still reportedly 35 times more likely to perish in a traffic accident than people in cars. Riders without a helmet are 40 percent more likely than ones without to die of a head injury during an accident.

National report shows increased motorcycle fatalities

Massachusetts motorcyclists may be interested in data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The statistics from a 2012 report show a higher number of motorcycle fatalities and injuries when compared with the previous year.

Massachusetts accident leaves teen in coma

Authorities reported that a 19-year-old Attleboro man sustained serious injuries and is now in a medically induced coma following a major accident on I-495 on Oct. 11. The man was a passenger in the vehicle, which was driven by a 19-year-old woman. Along with the man, his twin brother suffered a sprained ankle, and a fourth individual suffered minor injuries.

Masschusetts police car accidents cause injuries and damages

Massachusetts residents likely are grateful for the services provided by the dedicated men and women who work as police officers. However, there are times when these same professionals inflict pain and suffering by causing serious car accidents -- whether on- or off-duty. There have been may lives irrevocably changed through these tragic collisions.

Patients may be at risk for surgical error when robots are used

In July, the Food and Drug Administration sent a letter of warning to Intuitive Surgical, Inc. concerning the marketing and advertising of its robotic surgical equipment. In spite of advertisements touting the benefits of this technique, several patients reportedly suffered harm from a surgical error caused by these devices. A medical director for Massachusetts General Hospital stated that the facility has been deluged by literature and offers promoting robotic surgery.

Town mourns child who died from traumatic brain injury

Children are admired for their ability to bounce back after suffering upheaval in their life. One little girl experienced several upsets in her short life and inspired many. Unfortunately, some things in life are not easily overcome, and a traumatic brain injury is clearly one of them. While this child did not reside in Massachusetts, it is possible that her death benefited someone who does. 

Family of worker killed could possibly seek wrongful death suit

Construction work is dangerous, even under the best conditions. If a company has been negligent in ensuring workers' safety, then the possibility of a deadly accident increases. In some circumstances, Massachusetts laws may enable surviving family members to file a wrongful death suit when they have lost a loved one through a fatal work accident.

Massachusetts officials concerned about nursing home negligence

A recent report concerning the quality of care provided by the various senior residences has prompted some officials to express their concerns over the facilities that provide care and housing to the elderly. While stories about nursing home negligence are not uncommon, another type of residence has come under increased scrutiny: assisted living centers. While these facilities are less regulated in the care provided to seniors, they might benefit from updated mandates.

Woman killed while crossing street

A pedestrian in Massachusetts was reportedly struck by multiple cars as she was attempting to cross the street on Oct. 4. Police in Springfield have identified the victim as a 23-year-old woman. After being hit by two vehicles, she was taken to an area hospital, where she died as a result of her injuries.

Woman claims failure to diagnose led to serious side effects

Doctors spend years studying in order to provide expert, quality care for their future patients. However, they are human and are capable of making serious mistakes. These mistakes may take many forms, including a failure to diagnose, which can lead to serious consequences for the patients who trust them. Understandably, patients in Massachusetts could also fall victim to these errors.

The cost of auto accident in Massachusetts and other states

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents cost $1 trillion in 2010. The costs include loss of productivity as well as costs related to the loss of life. Although the number of accident-related fatalities has gone down in recent years, the number rose 3.3 percent in 2012 to 33,561. That number was up from 32,479 crashes in 2011.

4 students killed in team bus crash

Massachusetts residents may have hear about the Sept. 26 bus crash in Oklahoma that killed four university students. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a semi-truck veered into oncoming traffic lanes and hit the side of a bus carrying 15 female softball players. The accident occurred on Interstate 35 near Davis as the bus was returning from a scrimmage against Southern Nazarene University.

Massachusetts man suffers serious injury after being hit by a car

Pedestrian versus car accidents often have a poor outcome for the person on foot. Recently, a 60-year-old man suffered serious injury after he was hit by a car. Massachusetts police reported that he was transported for possibly life-threatening injuries.

OHSA investigation may open door to wrongful death lawsuit

Firefighters place themselves in life and death situations every day. They knowingly assume the risks when they answer the call to help others in need. However, if the conditions they were faced with were caused by negligence -- and they perished as a result -- their survivors may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. There may be such a case here in Massachusetts.

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