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Car accidents and collision avoidance technology

Many people in Massachusetts are seriously injured each year due to involvement in motor vehicle collisions. There are a number of different types of technologies available for newer cars today that can reduce the likelihood of such crashes. Often, these technologies are only available as upgrades for purchase in addition to the standard packages that come with the cars.

Man injured on the job when working in Massachusetts high school

Contractors provide a wide variety of valuable services. They are knowledgeable in their specialized fields and offer their services to whomever seeks out their skill and experience. Unfortunately, not every job goes as planned, and one can be injured on the job when unforeseen circumstances arise. One contractor suffered serious burns while working at a Massachusetts high school.

Woman gets minimum sentence after fatal pedestrian accident

Some of the most intimate moments a parent can share with a child happen during the most simple activities. One woman, who was accustomed to traveling around her Massachusetts town on foot, would often walk with her pre-teen son. Unfortunately, this young man's memories of walking with his mother will now be forever scarred by the tragic pedestrian accident that took her life.

Veterans with a traumatic brain injury more likely to be jobless

Those who serve the country through military service often make sacrifices that are unimaginable by the civilian population. Many of those who have returned from the conflicts overseas in the past several years have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Now, thousands of these veterans may need additional support to recover and move forward with their post-service lives. Some of these former servicemen and women reside in Massachusetts. 

Another suit against doctor with history of medical malpractice

A doctor is currently facing a medical malpractice lawsuit for the 12th time since 1996. Massachusetts readers will note that the most recent suit is related to complications following a laparoscopic procedure. The current case is the second time the doctor has been accused of medical malpractice just this year.

Wrongful death lawsuit may be an option after a work accident

When someone is killed because of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, the family may consider a wrongful death lawsuit. But what are the legal options for a family when a loved one is killed at work? Because of workers' compensation death benefits, a wrongful death lawsuit may not be an option in every situation. However, Massachusetts readers have the right to explore all legal options after an accident.

Female passenger dies in fatal car accident in Massachusetts

Drivers should always adhere to the rules of the road, including those prohibiting drunk driving. By avoiding illegal behavior, one does not only ensure the safety of other motorists, but also protects his or her own safety and that of his or her passengers. Unfortunately, it seems as if one man may have failed to do this in a recent fatal car accident in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts man decides to face trial for fatal wreck

A Massachusetts man has withdrawn a plea to sufficient facts and elected to stand trial for his role in a 2013 traffic accident that left six people injured. The 19-year-old West Roxbury resident had accepted a sentence that would have sent him to prison for a year, but he reportedly changed his mind after viewing a video detailing the extent of the injuries suffered by one of the victims. The car accident occurred in September 2013 on the Arborway in Jamaica Plain.

1 injured, 1 jailed after pedestrian accident in Massachusetts

Holidays often take a toll on law enforcement officials and other first responders. This year, Halloween was no different for the authorities in Massachusetts. They were called out on Halloween evening to the scene of a serious pedestrian accident

Homicide charge filed against driver in fatal pedestrian accident

On Nov. 4, police in Massachusetts confirmed that a man received additional criminal charges for causing a hit-and-run accident that killed an elderly Boston woman last year. The fatal accident occurred on Dec. 19, 2013, while the 77-year-old woman was using a crosswalk at an intersection in East Arlington.

Working can be deadly based on statistics for workplace accident

The expression stating that hard work never hurt anyone is apparently a fallacy based on current statistics. Indeed, the chances of suffering a workplace accident may be surprisingly high. These accidents can occur across all segments of industries and in every portion of the country, including Massachusetts.

Man sentenced for fatal car accident in Massachusetts

All across the country, laws are in place to protect victims of negligence and their families. Sometimes, the laws are applied in criminal court and sometimes in civil court. In some cases, such as a recent one involving a fatal car accident in Massachusetts, a negligent party may end up spending time in both criminal and civil courts. 

OSHA investigates fatal workplace accident on bridge project

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was recently notified of a fatal incident. It is now investigating the workplace accident that led to the death of a 61-year-old construction worker. This accident did not occur in Massachusetts, but families here have lost loved ones in similar tragedies.

3 injured when car crashes through Massachusetts diner

Three people suffered injuries after a car crashed into a Massachusetts restaurant on Oct. 30. The accident occurred just before 6 a.m. at a diner on North Main Street in South Deerfield when a car that was traveling on Sugarloaf Street left the roadway and struck the building.

One study links traumatic brain injury to higher dementia rate

As people age, they may tend to develop more age-related health issues. While most cannot avoid the risk of all issues during the aging process, one study has seemed to link traumatic brain injury in older patients to a higher risk of developing dementia. Massachusetts families may benefit from learning more about the possible correlation between the two, as many older residents are more prone to falls.

Massachusetts city records 7th fatal pedestrian accident in 2014

Another victim has succumbed to injuries suffered in a hit-and-run accident in the same Massachusetts community. The young woman was struck on a Wednesday evening and died just a few days later. This was the seventh recorded fatality from a pedestrian accident in the city of Brockton this year.

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