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December 2014 Archives

Distracted drivers kill thousands each year

Every day, distracted drivers in Massachusetts put themselves and other people on the road at risk for injury and death. According to data that was collected in 2011 and 2012, approximately 3,300 people around the country die every year in accidents caused by a distracted driver. In 2012 alone, 421,000 people were injured in a distracted driving accident.

Woman files suit against Red Sox owner for premises liability

Baseball has been hailed as America's favorite past time, and as such, thousands of fans show up to root for their favorite teams every season. Massachusetts fans are strong supporters of their own home team, the Boston Red Sox. Unfortunately, one young woman reportedly suffered serious injuries while attending a game in May, and she has filed a premises liability suit against the team's ownership group and an elevator company.

Researchers not any closer to treatment for brain injury

According to recent statistics, an estimated 1.5 million Americans suffer a head injury every year. Traumatic brain injury is a serious health problem, particularly for young men. This type of injury can happen to anyone, in Massachusetts or elsewhere, and researchers are constantly looking for effective treatments.

Massachusetts teen dead after involvement in rear-end collision

A motor vehicle accident that shut down Quaker Street is under investigation by both local police and the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Accident Reconstruction Team after one person was killed. The accident occurred on Dec. 9 when a Ford F350 truck struck a Nissan Altima from behind. Police later announced that the driver of the Ford will be facing criminal charges.

Company fined by OSHA after fatal workplace accident

Factories have been credited with helping to push this country's economic engine for years. While the manufacturing side of the economy has diminished, there are still many workers who labor in these industries. Factory work does carry a risk of a serious workplace accident, even when the employees follow all safety protocols. Workers in Massachusetts and elsewhere generally place safety at the top of their to-do lists.

Massachusetts teen charged after fatal car accident

One of the greatest milestones in a typical Massachusetts teenager's life is attaining the coveted driver's license. Unfortunately, the responsibility that comes with the license sometimes takes a back seat, leading to a disproportionate share of serious wrecks among teen drivers. A recent fatal car accident resulted in criminal charges for a teenage driver.

Woman breaks hip in alleged medical malpractice

Medical professionals are supposed to do what they are capable of in order to help patients avoid injuries while under a hospital's care. Failure to do so may result in a medical malpractice lawsuit in Massachusetts or in any other state. It turns out one hospital that is now facing a lawsuit may have failed to take necessary precautions to help avoid injury to a particular patient.

Dollar Tree faces fines after accidents cause workplace injury

One of the last things a business would want is problems with regulating authorities. This is definitely true about work safety regulators in Massachusetts or in any other state. Safety violations can be a serious problem for companies since they can result in serious fines and punishments from regulators. These violations often follow a serious workplace injury or could otherwise cause one if the underlying safety issues are left unattended.

Motorcycle safety precautions that could reduce injuries

While most Massachusetts motorcycle riders enjoy traveling along the highways and roadways on their bikes, many also know that motorcycles are more dangerous than driving in cars. In fact, motorcycle riders are approximately 30 times more likely to die in a car accident than those who use motor vehicles as their primary mode of transportation. However, there are always certain safety precautions that riders can use to reduce the risk of serious injury or death.

Massachusetts woman critically injured in pedestrian accident

Traveling by foot in a world that is dominated by motor vehicles is becoming a dangerous undertaking in the best circumstances. In light of the numerous reports of people being injured in a pedestrian accident, Massachusetts residents may wonder if they will be able to arrive safely if they choose to walk to a destination. Recently, police were called to another of these serious accidents.

Researchers working on new treatment for spinal cord injury

Few injuries are more devastating than those that leave victims paralyzed. Medicine -- up until now -- has not been able to find a cure for those patients who have suffered a spinal cord injury. However, if new research continues to show results, then some patients in Massachusetts may one day walk again.

Guarding against pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts

In 2012, a pedestrian was injured in a traffic accident every seven minutes on average. On average, a pedestrian was killed in a traffic accident every two hours. When compared to occupants in a motor vehicle, a pedestrian was 1.5 times more likely to die in a traffic-related crash. Older pedestrians over the age of 65 had the highest risk of suffering an injury or dying in an accident.

Surgical error places man's future health in serious jeopardy

No matter one's social or economic background, every patient here in Massachusetts and everywhere else deserves the same care and diligence when it comes to serious health problems. Unfortunately, patients who are currently incarcerated do not have the option of seeking their own trusted medical care providers and must place their lives in the hands of the staff that the penal system has under contract. While the majority of these medical practitioners exercise the same care regardless of who their patients are, there was a recent incident where a surgical error has placed a man's health in jeopardy.

Pit bulls terrorize Massachusetts block; 2 suffer dog bite injury

While it is true that any dog can bite, few breeds seem to cause as much damage as the ones that were bred to engage in bull and bear-baiting. Many believe that Pit bulls have earned their reputation as a dangerous animal, and they are on the top of the list for many homeowners' insurance companies that refuse coverage in light of the numerous reports of dog bite injuries involving these breeds. Recently, two Massachusetts victims were hospitalized after four of these dogs got loose.

Woman pleads not guilty to charges in pedestrian accident

One day after an arraignment hearing for charges of operating a vehicle under the influence and causing bodily injury, a female driver was back in court to answer to a charge of vehicular homicide. The charge stemmed from a Massachusetts pedestrian accident that injured a woman, her daughter and another child. The driver who allegedly struck the three pedestrians has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Roundabouts are an effective alternative to intersections

Massachusetts drivers may be interested to learn that approximately one-third of all fatalities that are caused by car accidents each year occur at signalized intersections across the nation. This accounts to approximately 2,300 deaths, and 700 of those deaths occur as the result of vehicles failing to stop at red lights. However, it is believed that installing roundabouts may reduce intersection fatalities.

Man killed in Massachusetts workplace accident

As employees head to work each day, most probably do not worry about the possibility of never returning home. Unfortunately, one never knows when a serious workplace accident may end his or her life. After a recent workplace incident, one Massachusetts family is now mourning the loss of a young man.

Massachusetts man charged in fatal car crash

On Nov. 21, it was announced that authorities charged a 45-year-old Massachusetts man with motor vehicle homicide for his alleged involvement in a car accident that occurred on Nov. 18. The crash, which took place on Cape Cod, resulted in the death of a 32-year-old Centerville man.

1 killed, 2 hurt when each hit by a car in separate accidents

Massachusetts police were kept occupied on the night before Thanksgiving. There were three different accidents in a short period of time where each victim was hit by a car. One of the victims died. While the majority of Boston families were celebrating the holiday together, three families were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

How to plan a successful and safe motorcoach trip

Massachusetts residents who are planning a motorcoach trip for a large group of people may be interested in a report by the Bus Industry Safety Council. The report provides tips on how to choose a good motorcoach company and includes a safety checklist as a handy reference guide.

If you are injured on someone else's property, don't suffer alone

In the course of your daily activities, you likely visit myriad Massachusetts businesses and private residences or government property -- be it the local post office or town hall. During these visits, it is not inconceivable to be injured on someone else's property. If you suffer such an injury due to possible negligence on the property owner's part, you do not have to suffer alone.

Researchers question value of computers in avoiding misdiagnoses

Computers are omnipresent in every facet of life, including one's health care. Doctors often enter examination rooms carrying a handheld device, while nurses may take patient histories on a mobile laptop in Massachusetts emergency rooms. There are some who question the role that computers might play when physicians make misdiagnoses.

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