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Brain injury can trigger brain inflammation, causing brain damage

People who suffer from traumatic brain injury in Massachusetts sadly may experience its negative effects long-term. These may include poor memory and even mood swings. However, a huge misunderstanding exists regarding the nature of brain injuries and exactly how a brain injury causes chronic types of degenerative issues.

Researchers recently said that chronic damage to the brain along with neuropsychiatric problems following trauma typically are the result of long-term brain inflammation. Inflammation appears to be a major reason for the various symptoms associated with both traumatic and mild brain injury. These symptoms include cognitive decline, depression and brain atrophy.

A lot of emphasis in the science world has been placed on a certain brain injury-related diagnosis in football players called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. However, this condition affects only a few number of people. Researchers said that more attention should instead go to the idea that mild traumatic brain injury and repeated concussions can trigger brain inflammation, causing lasting brain damage.

Brain damage can prevent a person from living to his or her full potential following a traumatic Massachusetts event, such as a vehicle accident or a slip-and-fall accident on another person's property. If such an accident causes somebody to suffer a brain injury and is the result of a person's negligence, the victim may benefit from filing a personal injury suit against the party who is allegedly responsible for the injuries. A successfully litigated civil suit may result in damages that can help the victim to cover any medical losses stemming from the injury incident.

Source: medicalxpress.com, "What causes brain problems after traumatic brain injury? Studies have a surprising answer", Jan. 15, 2015

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