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Fatal workplace accident reportedly caused by explosion

There are known hazards in life. As a result, people in Massachusetts can strive to avoid them or take other appropriate safety precautions. Unfortunately, there are not always precautions to protect a person. For example, an out-of-state workplace accident recently took the life of one worker and seriously injured another.

Massachusetts pedestrian accident results in criminal charges

During the summer months, many people in Massachusetts want an opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather before the cold returns. As a result, it is possible that some drivers may notice an increase in the number of pedestrians. Because of this, drivers must be extra careful as they share the roadway; failure to do so can have serious consequences. For example, one college student was killed last year in a pedestrian accident. Criminal charges have now been filed against the driver of the car believed to have struck her.

Woman claims surgical error caused severe pain

People in Massachusetts require surgical procedures for a variety of different reasons. While some people may elect to have specific surgeries, most people likely undergo such treatment because there is a medical necessity or it will, in some way, improve their quality of life. While these patients are likely aware that there is always some degree of risk, they likely expect that, barring unforeseen medical complications, their life will be somewhat improved after the procedure. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman claims that a surgical error has actually caused her a severe amount of pain, impacting her everyday life.

Fatal workplace accident rates for Latino workers increase

Construction is a very important part of the economy in Massachusetts. It is often considered a marker of an expanding economy as businesses grow. Unfortunately, some reports indicate that construction is one of the most treacherous jobs in this country, and workers could become involved in a deadly workplace accident. Latino workers appear to be affected more than others.

Massachusetts car accidents: 4 injured, drag racing suspected

People often make imprudent choices in their lives for a variety of different reasons, with a variety of different outcomes. These decisions could, unfortunately, harm many people. For example, people who choose to engage in street racing could potentially cause harm to themselves as well as other users of the roadways if their actions result in car accidents. Police in Massachusetts believe that three people were recently sent to the hospital as a result of street racing.

Massive stroke results in medical malpractice claim

Checking someone's blood pressure is typically a common occurrence in a Massachusetts doctor's office. While many people know little about the numbers a nurse might read off, the results of such a check can mean the difference between life and death for some. One out-of-state man recently argued that his doctor's choice to send him home after a significantly high blood pressure reading was medical malpractice. The jury in the case agreed.

Massachusetts workplace accident leads to hospitalizations, fines

Construction workers face a variety of different dangers in their workplace. While these range in severity, 796 people died in 2013 as a result of construction-related accidents. Of the 796, 294 were related to falls. One Massachusetts company has recently been cited after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration claims that it failed to protect its employees' safety, leading to a workplace accident that sent three people to the hospital.

Millions awarded in medical malpractice suit against VA

When people in Massachusetts experience serious medical issues, they expect that their medical care providers will provide adequate care in order to treat their current condition and attempt to prevent a similar incident from happening in the future. Failure to meet an acceptable standard of care could result in serious consequences for a patient. One federal judge recently ruled that medical malpractice on the part of an out-of-state Veterans Administration Medical Center caused irreparable harm to a patient.

Police investigate fatal Massachusetts pedestrian accident

As Massachusetts and other states thaw out after a difficult winter, it is likely the roadways will have more pedestrians. As a result, motorists must remain especially vigilant in order to ensure that everyone is safe. A recent pedestrian accident, for example, was fatal.

Massachusetts attorneys can help after workplace accident

People across the state of Massachusetts report to work every day. They work hard to support themselves and their families. Most are professionals who want to ensure their own personal safety, as well as the safety of their co-workers, and, as a result, they strive to follow all health and safety recommendations. Unfortunately, accidents with expensive ramifications still occur. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you are likely entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

Man injured in workplace accident loses arm

It is in the best interest of employers in Massachusetts and across the country to ensure the safety of their employees. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, a serious workplace accident can still occur resulting in serious injury or death. One man recently lost his arm after such an accident.

Massachusetts car accidents: Collision sends 5 to hospital

The vast majority of motorists on this country's roadways are safe drivers who strive to ensure their personal safety as well as the safety of their passengers and others. Unfortunately, unsafe drivers can cause serious car accidents that have devastating consequences for innocent people. For example, police allege that one Massachusetts man was driving under the influence of alcohol when he is believed to have caused an accident that sent five people to the hospital.

Lawsuit filed after fatal slip and fall accident

Due to weather conditions in Massachusetts during the winter, most people are familiar with the injuries that falls on ice can cause. While most people know to expect ice during or just after a winter storm, ice that accumulates unexpectedly in a parking lot can create unexpected dangers. One out-of-state woman now claims that her husband died as a result of such a condition, which led to a slip and fall accident.

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