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May 2015 Archives

Criminal charges could lead to medical malpractice case

For many people in Massachusetts, there is no greater stress than having to leave the care of a loved one in the hands of a stranger. Their only hope is that those tasked with providing care are well-trained professionals who will ensure that their loved one is well cared for. Unfortunately, some out-of-state officials claim that the actions of some nurses regarding a mentally and physically disabled woman resulted in the loss of the patient's hand. While criminal charges have been filed, a medical malpractice suit may also be appropriate.

Dog Bite Awareness Week attempts to educate pet owners

Millions of households across the country have dogs that are counted as part of the family. The vast majority of dog owners would likely assert that their dog is perfectly harmless and would never attack another person, even a stranger. Unfortunately, millions of people in this country are injured by a dog bite every year, including many in Massachusetts. Despite what a dog owner might believe, when a dog is placed in an unfamiliar situation with strange people, its behavior may be difficult to predict. If a dog does attack, the owner could face claims for financial liability.

Family blames Massachusetts officer's death on workplace injury

The human body is complex. As a result, it is difficult to determine exactly how an injury or illness may impact the body in the future. For example, a person can suffer unexpectedly from an injury suffered in the past, especially when the injury involved head trauma. The parents of a Massachusetts police officer are claiming that their son's death was caused by a workplace injury that occurred in the line of duty a year prior to his death. They are now seeking workers' compensation benefits.

Massachusetts car accidents: Fatal crash under investigation

In driver's education courses, instructors emphasize the importance of being a defensive driver. Unfortunately, there are some car accidents that drivers are simply unable to avoid. Police in Massachusetts are currently investigating a fatal accident that involved three cars.

Could some manicurists qualify for workers' compensation?

When most people in Massachusetts consider workplace injuries, they likely think of construction workers who fall from a great height or a firefighter who rushes into a burning building. However, there are a variety a different workers who face risks in their workplaces because of the chemicals and other materials they routinely handle. For example, some manicurists and other workers in the field of cosmetology are known to suffer from a variety of different side effects as a result of the chemicals they handle. As a result, many may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

Woman killed in Massachusetts pedestrian accident

There are many activities in which people engage that they would never think would jeopardize their personal safety. For example, those who step outside for a moment for fresh air probably do not worry about their safety. Unfortunately, the family of one woman in Massachusetts is surely reeling from the news of their loved one's death in a fatal pedestrian accident when she stepped outside a bar for some air.

Massachusetts police investigate horrific pedestrian accident

Accidents happen every day in Massachusetts. Some accidents are a result of someone's negligence, while others could be caused by circumstances beyond a person's control. Regardless of the cause of an accident, it is imperative that a person involved in an accident stop to render aid to any victims. However, police say that they are looking for the driver of a car involved in a fatal pedestrian accident who reportedly left the scene.

Massachusetts park incident may lead to premises liability case

People in Massachusetts are likely ecstatic that a particularly difficult winter has come to an end and the weather is starting to warm. Many people have begun to take advantage of the warmer weather by taking their children to area parks. Unfortunately, after an accident that injured two children and could ultimately lead to a premises liability case, some parents may be concerned about their children's safety in public parks.

Teen driver accidents: 3 teens hospitalized after accident

Teenagers have relatively little experience driving on Massachusetts roadways. As a result, there are many precautions taken in order to help prevent teen driver accidents. For example, state law prohibits junior operators from having other minors in the car with them unless there is an adult over the age of 21 present in the vehicle. Despite this law, police claim that a teenage driver had two other teenagers with him when a fiery crash occurred that sent three people to the hospital.

Massachusetts legal help following dog bite

Many households in Massachusetts and across the country have pets that are considered part of the family. While a pet, such as a dog, may behave one way for its family, its behavior could be unpredictable around strangers. In some circumstances, dogs have been known to attack an innocent bystander, often with no provocation. Anyone who has been attacked by a dog likely knows of the damage that a dog bite can cause.

Officials investigate fatal workplace accident

When working on a construction site, there are many safety precautions that must be taken. However, even the safest of employees in Massachusetts can become the victim of an accident that is impossible to anticipate. For example, one out-of-state worker was recently killed in a workplace accident that officials are still investigating.

Massachusetts police investigate fatal car accident

When people get together with their friends, it could lead them to engage in behavior that is out of the ordinary for them. Unfortunately, even if a person feels like their behavior is basically harmless, such behavior could have serious consequences when it involves a motor vehicle. For example, police in Massachusetts are now investigating a fatal car accident that killed two people and injured several others.

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