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Fatal car accident closes Massachusetts street

People who lose their lives in car accidents likely had no idea when they woke up the morning of the accident that it would be their last. As a result, they likely leave behind unfinished business and family members who are in shock over the unexpected loss. One family in Massachusetts is likely coming to terms with the news that a fatal car accident has taken the life of their loved one.

Teenager hit by a car at Massachusetts intersection

Parents typically spend a big part of their lives worrying about their children's health and well-being. Many parents put many safety measures in place to prevent harm, but they can not always protect their children from others who may behave in a negligent manner. One teenager in Massachusetts is now recovering from injuries suffered after being hit by a car in an intersection reportedly known for being dangerous for pedestrians as a result of reckless drivers.

Man injured on the job in stable condition

There are many hazards in the environment. Some are known and avoidable. In some workplace situations in Massachusetts, accidents can happen even when a hazard is known and appropriate safety measures are in place. One out-of-state man is now recovering after he was injured on the job.

Massachusetts dog bite victim lives in fear

Many pet owners in Massachusetts treat their family pet is if it were a member of the family. These owners would likely swear that they could predict how their dog or cat will react in any given situation. Unfortunately, many pets, regardless of how well-loved they may be, can behave unpredictably, resulting in attacks that could have serious physical and emotional ramifications. For example, one dog bite victim in Massachusetts reports living in fear after she was attacked by her neighbor's dog.

Medical malpractice related to use of popular prescription drug

Because doctors have a better understanding of how the human body works and how certain drugs interact, some people are living longer, healthier lives. Coumadin, an anticoagulant prescribed to many patients with certain blood clot risks, is one of the discoveries that have helped. However, medical care providers in Massachusetts who fail to properly monitor a patient taking the drug or administer the drug when necessary could cause serious harm. Many people, mainly elderly in a nursing home, have suffered from such medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice suit claims man's death was preventable

Everyone makes mistakes. While some mistakes may result in a longer route to work or a missed appointment, mistakes related to medical malpractice can cost a person in Massachusetts his or her life. For example, the family members of a deceased man who resided in a neighboring state claim that medical negligence on the part of several different people and companies connected to the treatment of their loved one resulted in his death.

Possible shift in treatment of patients with brain injury

It does not take a medical degree to know of the potential consequences of a blow to the head. For many in Massachusetts, a brain injury will likely result in a lengthy, slow recovery. In some cases, victims of a brain injury are never able to fully recover. However, a nurse from another state claims that she has found a way to potentially fast track the recovery process from brain injuries -- having the patient move early on in his or her treatment.

Man in critical condition after Massachusetts workplace accident

A majority of workers in Massachusetts likely have a relatively routine work day. They clock in each day, perform a few variations of the same tasks and return home to their families. Unfortunately, a workplace accident has recently made one man's work day anything but routine.

Lawsuit claims medical malpractice led to fatality

When a person in Massachusetts is suffering from a medical emergency, he or she has faith that medical care providers will work to ensure that the issue is accurately diagnosed and treated. While this tends to be the case most of the time, medical malpractice can lead to a missed diagnosis and have deadly consequences. One out-of-state family claims that such negligence ultimately resulted in the death of a young mother.

Who is responsible for a slip and fall accident in Massachusetts?

Anyone who has frequented a business has likely seen the bright yellow signs some business owners or managers use to warn people about a potential hazard, such as a wet floor. These warnings are an attempt to prevent a slip and fall accident. Unfortunately, some in Massachusetts continue to allow dangerous conditions to exist that could ultimately result in a serious injury.

Massachusetts car accidents: Multiple citations issued in crash

Safe drivers are constantly vigilant. They ignore distractions such as smartphones when they drive and obey posted speed limits and other traffic laws. Unfortunately, even safe drivers may be unable to avoid car accidents caused by negligent drivers. In a recent Massachusetts accident that sent 10 people to the hospital, one driver was issued several citations.

Workplace accident ends with fatality in Massachusetts

There are many occupations with known hazards. While most people think of firemen, soldiers and police officers when they think of dangerous work conditions, workers in the construction industry often face a variety of different hazards. Because any occupation can lead to a workplace accident, Massachusetts and other states have laws that protect workers from financial harm if injured at work. For example, one family may qualify for workers' compensation insurance coverage after a fatal construction accident.

Woman claims failure to diagnose led to husband's death

Most medical care workers in Massachusetts are well-trained professionals dedicated to their patients. As a result, patients and their families trust these workers to adequately diagnose and treat their medical issues. Failure to diagnose an issue, such as heart problems, can lead to a patient's death or serious injury, potentially resulting in a medical malpractice suit. One out-of-state woman claims that medical negligence led to her husband's death.

Massachusetts hit-and-run accidents: Drivers sought after crash

Movies are known for their death-defying stunts. However, most of these stunts are simply illusions created with green screens and harnesses. Even in the portrayal of hit-and-run accidents, the actors are typically completely safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case in real life. While a recent hit-and-run accident in Massachusetts appeared to be closer to a movie scene than reality, one man is left with serious injuries while police search for the other drivers believed to have been involved.

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