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Tractor trailers frequently involved in fatal auto accidents

Some people in Massachusetts might describe tractor trailers as a necessity for the success of the nation's economy. They reportedly carried almost 70 percent of domestic freight last year; however, they are also involved in a great number of fatal auto accidents. While most tractor-trailer drivers are well-trained professionals, even a slight moment of distraction can have devastating consequences for those in the vicinity of the driver. Some note that Congress is considering removing some of the regulations currently in place to protect those on the roadways from tractor-trailer accidents.

Man claims failure to diagnose abscess led to paralysis

Doctors in Massachusetts and across the country must undergo rigorous training in order to be able to diagnose the many different ailments from which a patient may suffer. Patients typically put their trust in their medical care providers, expecting adequate diagnoses and treatment their disorders -- especially those issues that could cause extensive damage if left untreated. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man claims that medical care provider's' failure to diagnose a cervical abscess led to his paralysis. A jury as recently agreed with his medical malpractice claims.

Massachusetts auto accidents: 4 injured in rear-end collision

There are many safe and conscientious drivers in Massachusetts. These drivers typically obey traffic laws and attempt to avoid auto accidents. Unfortunately, there are some accidents that a driver simply is unable to prevent, such as many involving a rear-end collision. In one such accident, four people were sent to the hospital.

Massachusetts car accidents: Tow truck driver hit by speeding car

Tow truck drivers have dangerous jobs. Many essentially risk their lives in order to help those involved in car accidents or suffering from car trouble. Because of the dangers associated with working on or alongside a busy Interstate, many states -- including Massachusetts -- have enacted laws that require motorists to move over to adjacent lanes when maintenance or emergency vehicles with flashing lights are in the area. Tow truck drivers handed out pamphlets at a rest area reminding others about the law after a tow truck driver was seriously injured while providing aid.

Birth injury could lead to medical malpractice claim

Expectant parents in Massachusetts and across the country anticipate the birth of their child to be a time of joy and excitement. However, one woman claims that medical malpractice ultimately led to her daughter's severe, lifelong disability. Unfortunately, some feel that this woman's case may be just one example of serious issues at the hospital where her child was born.

OSHA, police investigate fatal workplace accident

Many people in Massachusetts and across the country do not realize the inherent dangers of a construction site. People working with heavy machinery or on scaffolding could easily become involved in a serious workplace accident. One such accident recently occurred out of state. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating.

Study examines long-term effects of a brain injury on attention

While many parents in Massachusetts require that their children wear helmets while biking or roller skating, it is not feasible to wear a helmet as they go through their daily life. The purpose of this protection is to help prevent a brain injury that could potentially affect a child for the rest of his or her life. A recent study has identified long-term effects of such an injury -- effects with which the child will likely have to cope for the rest of his or her life.

Massachusetts pedestrian accident sends elderly woman to hospital

There are times in life when people know they may be at risk for an injury. For example, if participating in a violent sport or driving on a busy roadway during rush hour traffic, most are aware of the potential risk of an accident. However, a person should be able to feel safe while walking on a Massachusetts sidewalk. Unfortunately, one woman suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident that left her in the hospital.

OSHA investigates fatal workplace accident

There are thousands of people in Massachusetts who are extremely aware of the many potential dangers they face in their workplace. As a result, they ensure that they use all safety equipment, for example, to help keep and their co-workers and themselves safe. Unfortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is now investigating an out-of-state workplace accident that, according to available reports, resulted from the failure of safety equipment.

Employee killed in Massachusetts workplace accident

The dangers that construction workers face may come as a surprise to those who are unfamiliar with the world of construction. Unfortunately, a workplace accident involving a construction site can have serious ramifications. For example, crews in Massachusetts spent hours working to recover a worker involved trench accident.

Massachusetts car accidents: Cyclist killed after struck by car

While there are many benefits of cycling, there are also many dangers that cyclists face. While some states have laws in place to protect cyclists, negligent drivers continue to cause fatal car accidents involving those simply attempting to make a healthier personal choice while protecting the environment. Police in Massachusetts are currently investigating a collision that resulted in a fatal injury.

Wrongful death lawsuit could follow Massachusetts fatal accident

While the level of risk may vary, there is some risk of injury in almost all professions. Some risks may be less obvious than others -- for example, risks stemming from leaving a work site to take a break. Unfortunately, a man in Massachusetts was recently killed while attempting to take a break from his job as a toll collector. Massachusetts State Police are currently investigating an incident that could result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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