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Car accidents in Massachusetts: Serious leg injury reported

The vast majority of drivers in Massachusetts are committed to taking steps to ensure their behavior does not result in an accident. Unfortunately, some safe drivers are involved in car accidents when they do not have time to react to the negligent acts of another. For example, reports indicate that a recent accident involving a motorcycle was caused by a motorcyclist who pulled out in front of another vehicle.

Massachusetts auto accidents: Woman suffers serious injuries

There are likely many traffics laws that some drivers in Massachusetts neglect to obey everyday without considering their importance. Unfortunately, when a driver fails to obey a stop sign, for example, such negligence can often result in auto accidents. Police are currently investigating an accident that has left one woman in critical condition.

SUV rollovers: Massachusetts crash kills 1, injuries several

There are many safe drivers on Massachusetts roadways. They follow all traffic laws, including traveling at safe speeds. While they strive to be safe, it is often difficult to avoid an accident caused by another's negligence. Some accidents, such as SUV rollovers, can result in a serious injury. Unfortunately, one accident recently turned fatal.

Workplace accident could be case of wrongful death

Thousands of people in Massachusetts leave their families every day and report to work. They put in long, hard hours behind a desk, at a construction site, stocking shelves and in many other scenarios to support their families. While these workers know they may face some sort of harm while at work, they are also likely aware of precautions they can take to ensure their safety. However, if workers are not provided the necessary safety tools, or if equipment is faulty, their lives could still be at risk. In a situation where a person is killed at work due to malfunctioning equipment, filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be a viable option.

Massachusetts girl hit by a car, listed in critical condition

Drivers are expected to know and understand the rules of the road. If they do not, or simply fail to obey them, serious accidents can happen. Unfortunately, people who are running late or become impatient and choose to ignore simple traffic laws can cause serious harm. For example, police in Massachusetts believe a young girl was hit by a car that was attempting to pass a stopped bus.

Workplace accident leaves young child without father

The wife of a 32-year-old man speaks of the birthday dinner she had with her family. On her social media posts, she notes how blessed she felt while having a meal with her husband and young daughter. Unfortunately, she was unaware that her life would soon be flipped upside down. The next day, her husband was killed in a workplace accident. As many families in Massachusetts have also experienced, this woman will likely have to face the financial complications her husband's death will create for her family.

Elderly man killed in Massachusetts crosswalk accident

Many grandparents are known for their dedication to their grandchildren, including their desire to take as active a role in their lives as possible. One man in Massachusetts was known for his extreme dedication to his grandchildren, including taking his wheelchair on a train and bus to be able to spend time with them. Unfortunately, he was recently killed in a crosswalk accident while attempting to return home after his grandson's birthday party.

Lawsuit filed after failure to diagnose led to multiple surgeries

Many doctors focus on seeking all of the answers when treating a patient. However, some in Massachusetts may seize what appears to be the obvious explanation for a person's symptoms, potentially resulting in a failure to diagnose the real issue. One out-of-state man claims that doctors who assumed that his issues stemmed from a flare up of a previously diagnosed condition overlooked his the real problem.

Car accidents: More bicyclists suffering injuries

Some people in Massachusetts may have noticed a bicycle that has been painted white and chained to a post near the roadway. This is an indication that a bicyclist lost their life in that spot. Despite the fact that cyclists are often making a commitment to their health -- and the environment -- some studies show that the risks associated with cycling are rising. Unfortunately, car accidents involving bicyclists can cause serious harm.

Man killed in Massachusetts workplace accident

Many individuals are worried about the impact that an unexpected death in their family could have on their life. Unfortunately, many families are dependent upon a primary breadwinner to ensure that everyone is fed and clothed. A recent workplace accident in Massachusetts has likely made these worries a reality for one family.

Car accidents: 2 suffer serious injuries in Massachusetts crash

Most drivers know the importance of being able to drive defensively. These techniques are often taught in driver's education courses in an attempt to prevent car accidents. Unfortunately, many people are injured in accidents that they were powerless to prevent -- such as accidents involving a rear collision. Police in Massachusetts are currently investigating such an accident that sent two people to the hospital.

Massachusetts car accidents: 3 people injured in recent collision

There are some collisions that simply cannot be avoided. Road conditions, for example, could unexpectedly change, creating a hazard. However, many car accidents are simply a matter of driver error. What might appear to be a small miscalculation can ultimately have devastating consequences on the lives of others. Massachusetts police are currently investigating an accident involving a motorcycle that sent three people to the hospital.

Massachusetts man injured on the job; drunk driver arrested

Many people in Massachusetts report to their jobs every day, seeking a living that will allow them to support themselves as well as their family. Some of these jobs are more dangerous than others -- such as those that require workers to be near large pieces of machinery, including cars on the roadway. Unfortunately, one man was recently injured on the job after he was struck by a suspected drunk driver.

Failure to diagnose allegedly led to Massachusetts woman's death

Thanks to medical advances, labor and delivery is much safer for women and babies than it was 100 years ago. However, it is not without risks, and what should be a time for a family celebration can quickly turn to tragedy if there is a failure to diagnose potentially fatal conditions related to pregnancy. A lawsuit claims that such a failure led to the death of one Massachusetts woman.

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