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Hands-free devices can still cause distracted driving accidents

The dangers of texting and driving are well-known. Many people in Massachusetts are even choosing to utilize hands-free devices while driving in an attempt to prevent distracted driving accidents. However, a recent study has revealed that these devices do not eliminate distractions while driving.

Massachusetts crosswalk accident seriously injures woman

As more attention has turned toward the impact that humans are having on the environment, many people are choosing less damaging modes of transportation. Unfortunately, some of these options -- such as walking -- can place people at risk due to the lack of protective barriers if they are struck by a car. While many areas in Massachusetts take measures to protect pedestrians, such as providing crosswalks, negligent drivers continue to cause accidents that result in injuries. Unfortunately, a woman has recently suffered serious injuries in a crosswalk accident.

Massachusetts man suffers traumatic brain injury

When most people think of injuries suffered in a car accident, they think of obvious wounds that are immediately diagnosed. However, the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury may be slower to develop. Regardless, the effects of such an injury can cause serious ramifications in a person's life. For example, one man in Massachusetts discovered the severity of his injuries only after time had passed.

Massachusetts man arrested after fatal car accident

There are many people who enjoy taking a risk. For some, risks include bungee jumping or skydiving -- these activities likely only risk the life of the individual person. However, other risks include speeding and driving recklessly -- actions that could also place the lives of others in jeopardy. For example, one man in Massachusetts now faces charges related to reckless driving after a fatal car accident.

Man rushed to Massachusetts hospital after hit by a car

As schools are now back in session and summer activities have ended, most people in Massachusetts are turning their attention to fall activities. For many, this means attending community fall festivals. Unfortunately, the alleged events at one fall festival may have some people questioning their safety. An incident that involved a pedestrian being hit by a car has resulted in criminal charges.

Identity of man killed in workplace accident not released

The vast majority of employers are committed to ensuring that their workers are safe as they complete their job-related responsibilities. Beyond being the right thing to do, it is in employer's best interests to ensure that employees have a relatively risk-free work environment. However, no Massachusetts work zone is completely free of the potential for a workplace accident. An incident at an out-of-state facility is currently under investigation.

Massachusetts lawmakers seek fewer distracted driving accidents

Technology has improved the lives of people in Massachusetts. Through its use, people are better able to seek help in an emergency as well as stay in touch with family and friends who are scattered across the country. Unfortunately, people who use their phones while driving could potentially cause distracted driving accidents that have devastating consequences. A recently proposed law could further limit the use of cellphones while driving in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts 3-car accident could lead to wrongful death claim

The dangers of drinking and driving are well-known. Unfortunately, some people continue to get behind the wheel after drinking, confident that they can safely drive. However, alcohol can slow a person's response time, ultimately resulting in a fatal car accident. Many victims of drunk driving accidents -- including loved ones of deceased victims -- choose to pursue justice by filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Such legal action may be possible after a man was charged in connection to a recent accident in Massachusetts.

Several treated in Massachusetts after being hit by a car

There are many people in Massachusetts who attend auctions in the hopes that they will receive a good deal. However, one recent auction resulted in chaos after several people in attendance were apparently hit by a car driven by an elderly man. Multiple people were reportedly injured and required treatment at a hospital.

Massachusetts woman accused of causing multiple car accidents

Motor vehicle accidents happen in Massachusetts every day. Most drivers involved in an accident remain at the scene as police arrive to sort out the events leading to the accident. However, police in Massachusetts claim that one woman fled from the scene of two different car accidents before a third collision caused her car to stop. She has since been arrested and faces multiple charges.

Man faces multiple charges after Massachusetts fatal car accident

There are times in a person's life when it is apparent that one's personal safety may be at risk. However, most people in Massachusetts likely feel relatively safe when going about their daily activities, such as unloading groceries from a parked car. Unfortunately, a recent fatal car accident took the life of a brother and sister while engaged in such an activity.

Workplace accident kills 1, injures another

Even workplaces that seem relatively safe have inherent dangers. As a result, Massachusetts and other states require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits for their employees to help them with the financial ramifications of a workplace accident. Unfortunately, a recent out-of-state accident resulted in one fatality and injuries to a second worker.

Diagnostic errors are significant cause of medical malpractice

Most patients who seek medical care in Massachusetts place a great deal of faith in their health care providers. Specifically, they trust that their medical issues will be adequately diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately, many people are victims of medical malpractice every year. In fact, a recent study claims that a majority of people will experience some form of diagnostic error in their lifetime.

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