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Man faces multiple charges after Massachusetts fatal car accident

On behalf of posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on Monday October 5, 2015

There are times in a person’s life when it is apparent that one’s personal safety may be at risk. However, most people in Massachusetts likely feel relatively safe when going about their daily activities, such as unloading groceries from a parked car. Unfortunately, a recent fatal car accident took the life of a brother and sister while engaged in such an activity.

Reports indicate that the accident happened one night in late September. Police say that the pair, a 48-year-old woman and her 46-year-old brother, were standing near a parked car when they were struck. Witnesses claim that the female victim was dragged over 100 yards as a result. She was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The brother passed away several days after the accident. While the driver of the car that allegedly struck them is accused of leaving the scene of the accident, police were able to make an arrest after one officer spotted a car that matched a description provided by witnesses. Although the 29-year-old man suspected of driving the car already faces multiple charges, additional charges are expected to be filed after the death of the second victim.

While the criminal justice system will determine what punishment — if any — is appropriate, the families of the two deceased victims are likely reeling from the news of the tragedy. In the coming months, they will also likely have to cope with the financial consequences of their loss, including medical bills and funeral expenses, among others. Many in Massachusetts who have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident have decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit if evidence suggests that the death was caused by another’s negligence. While a favorable outcome in civil court will likely do little to reduce their grief, it could provide them with financial stability, allowing them to focus on their recovery rather than how they will pay their bills.

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