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Massachusetts man suffers traumatic brain injury

When most people think of injuries suffered in a car accident, they think of obvious wounds that are immediately diagnosed. However, the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury may be slower to develop. Regardless, the effects of such an injury can cause serious ramifications in a person's life. For example, one man in Massachusetts discovered the severity of his injuries only after time had passed.

The man and his wife were involved in a car accident in Feb. 2015. They claim that a truck crossed into their lane, causing a head-on collision. It initially appeared that the couple suffered no significant injuries. As time passed, however, his wife began to notice that the man's symptoms -- which doctors initially diagnosed as a concussion -- were slow to fade. He was soon diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.

As a result, the man faces multiple doctor's appointments each week over the next few years. He requires physical and speech therapy and will eventually begin therapy to treat dizziness and help his balance. It is not known if he will be able to return to his job.

The Massachusetts community has come together to help the family make it to doctor's appointments as the man is unable to drive. Unfortunately, the cost of medical bills in combination with the loss of the man's wages could potentially take a serious toll. Treatment for a traumatic brain injury can be expensive, and in many cases, victims are never able to fully recover. Many people turn to the civil court to seek relief for these expenses. If it can be proved that the man's injuries were caused by the other driver's negligence, the court could award monetary damage to help assist with these and other expenses.

Source: patriotledger.com, "An outpouring of help for Norwell family in wake of car crash", Kaila Braley, Oct. 23, 2015

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