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November 2015 Archives

Is the property owner at fault in a slip and fall accident?

Many people in Massachusetts are injured each year as a result of a fall. Some of the injuries suffered are serious, creating extensive pain and suffering. Because of the financial impact of their injuries, some question whether the property owner could have taken additional, reasonable actions that would have prevented or rectified the dangerous property condition that led to a slip and fall accident.

Jury awards over $10 million after failure to diagnose meningitis

Parents know all too well the panic experienced as a result of a sick child. A parent may feel helpless regarding decisions concerning his or her child's care. However, once a parent in Massachusetts makes the decision to seek medical treatment for a child, there is an expectation that the child will be appropriately treated. Unfortunately, one out-of-state mother claims that her son has been harmed because of emergency room physicians' failure to diagnose his infection.

2 workers suffer serious workplace injury

There are many professions that the majority of people would agree hold a great deal of dangers. While the dangers that soldiers, fire fighters and police officers face may be obvious, many people in Massachusetts may not fully realize the dangers that those who work with heavy machinery often encounter. Unfortunately, a recent accident illustrates these dangers after two workers experienced a serious workplace injury.

Massachusetts woman hit by a car while on the sidewalk

There is a potential risk whenever a driver gets behind the wheel of a car and uses Massachusetts roadways. However, those who utilize sidewalks should be able to feel some degree of security, especially in regard to the risk of being hit by a car. Unfortunately, a recent hit-and-run accident will likely have many pedestrians questioning just how safe they are.

Family wonders if medical malpractice led to baby's death

The birth of a baby should be a time of celebration of life for parents in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, an out-of-state delivery turned into a time of mourning for one family after the death of the baby. The family is now seeking answers to questions regarding the doctor's decisions and actions during the delivery and whether medical malpractice could have been a factor in the infant's death.

Officials investigate cause of fatal workplace accident

Workers in Massachusetts encounter potential dangers in their workplace everyday. If these dangers are known, they can take preventative actions to help preserve their safety. Unfortunately, dangers are not always known. Even if they are, a workplace accident cannot always be prevented. For example, officials are expected to conduct an investigation regarding a recent fatal fall.

Fatal car accident leads to criminal charges in Massachusetts

When driving on the roads of Massachusetts, it is possible that a driver will encounter another driver who does not signal when they changing lanes or who drives too closely. These behaviors can be frustrating, and, in some cases, could result in encounters fueled by road rage. Police believe that road rage may have been the impetus behind a recent fatal car accident.

Failure to diagnose liver cancer led to man's death

It is possible that nearly everyone in Massachusetts has been impacted by cancer -- either personally or due to the experience of a friend or family member. While serious, many forms of cancer can be treated if caught in time. Unfortunately, the family of one out-of-state man claims that a doctor's failure to diagnose his cancer increased the chances that it would prove fatal.

Massachusetts police investigate fatal car accident

There are many distractions while driving. Even for those who do not use their cellphones, simply having a passenger in the car could distract the driver from the roadway, resulting in a serious accident. A recent fatal car accident in Massachusetts remains under investigation to determine the exact case of the tragedy.

Man leaves behind infant daughter after fatal workplace accident

The vast majority of businesses in Massachusetts are committed to providing a workplace free of hazards to employees. Regrettably, unexpected events occur even when employees are performing relatively routine tasks. For example, one out-of-state man was recently killed in a workplace accident.

Elderly man killed in Massachusetts crosswalk accident

Features such as crosswalks are used to protect pedestrians in Massachusetts and across the country. Unfortunately, they can do little to prevent a crosswalk accident when distracted drivers are in the area. Accidents still happen despite the fact that there are often many warnings about crosswalks. Police are working to determine the events leading to a recent fatal accident.

Massachusetts car accidents: 2 injured after car is rear-ended

The vast majority of Massachusetts drivers are safety conscious. They obey traffic signs and speed limits and generally drive in a defensive manner. Unfortunately, safe drivers cannot always avoid the actions of unsafe drivers, and serious car accidents occur all too often. While police are still investigating a recent accident, reports indicate a rear-end collision on Interstate 91 sent two people to the hospital.

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