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December 2015 Archives

$1.57 million verdict in medical malpractice lawsuit

People in Massachusetts suffer from serious accidents all the time. In the aftermath of such an accident, they are likely scared and in pain, trusting that medical care professionals will adequately treat and diagnose their injuries. While most doctors and other personnel are well-trained professionals, mistakes happen that can cause significant harm to patients who are already suffering. One out-of-state man and his wife have recently won a medical malpractice lawsuit after claiming that negligence caused him serious injury.

Workplace accident involving exploding tire kills 1, injures 1

As many in Massachusetts are likely aware, working on a car can sometimes have hidden dangers. If the work involves raising or lowering a vehicle, for example, the worker could face a significant risk. Unfortunately, a recent out-of-state workplace accident has resulted in a fatality and a serious injury due to an exploding tire.

Massachusetts business owner dies after being hit by a car

At this time of the year, families in Massachusetts are enjoying the time with their family. Unfortunately, one family is now mourning the loss of their loved one after he was hit by a car while crossing the road. He later died. The driver of the car has since been charged with drugged driving.

Medical malpractice: Jury rules in favor of deceased man's family

Typically when a person in Massachusetts is experiencing chest pain, medical care professionals are alarmed and spring into action. They need to determine whether the chest pains are a symptom of a serious condition, such as a heart attack. If appropriate tests are not conducted, the patient's condition likely cannot be adequately diagnosed and treated. An out-of-state jury has recently ruled in favor of a family who claims that medical malpractice led to their loved one's death.

Massachusetts auto accidents: Serious injuries reported in crash

Drivers face many risks when they get behind the wheel. While they may logically be aware of the potential for auto accidents, many are unprepared for the financial implications if they are injured as a result of another's negligence. Three people in Massachusetts may be wondering how they will cope with their medical bills and lost wages after they were seriously injured in an accident that has since led to criminal charges for one individual.

Workplace accident sends 11 to the hospital

The potential for injury at work is a real concern for millions of workers. Not only can a workplace accident in Massachusetts result in medical bills, a person injured while performing his or her job responsibilities may be unable to work while he or she recovers. Investigators are continuing their investigation into an accident that, unfortunately, sent 11 workers to the hospital recently.

A concussion injury can cause blood flow issues to the brain

A head injury is always concerning for patients in Massachusetts. While a concussion injury has previously been thought to be relatively minor in regard to other types of head injuries, a recent study appears to show that such an injury can impact a patient longer than previously thought. Researchers used MRIs to study how a concussion impacted blood flow to the injury site after symptoms were previously thought to be alleviated.

Workplace accident sends custodian to burn unit

For the most part, those who work in a high school likely feel relatively safe as they complete their job responsibilities.  There is little heavy machinery or toxic materials, for example. However, no workplace in Massachusetts is completely free from all dangers. For example, a custodian in a different state was recently injured in a workplace accident involving a boiler.

2 Massachusetts firefighters suffer workplace injury

There are many dangerous jobs. However, a firefighter is likely a position that encompasses the most obvious types of dangers. From rushing into burning buildings to assisting at car accidents on busy interstates, firefighters place their lives at risk from a workplace injury every time they respond to an emergency. For example, two firefighters were recently injured while responding to an incident involving a train in Massachusetts.

Workers' compensation possible after fatal incident

There are hidden dangers in all aspects of life -- especially in the workplace. While employees can take certain safety precautions, many dangers cannot be completely avoided. As a result, Massachusetts requires employers to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage in the event workers are injured while completing their job responsibilities.  These benefits will likely be needed after an out-of-state incident killed two men and injured another.

3 victims hit by a car in Massachusetts parking lot

As the holidays approach, many malls and other businesses are likely to see an increase in the number of customers who visit in a given day. As a result, parking lots are often busier as well, including more pedestrians and drivers. While drivers should always remain vigilant, this increase in traffic necessitates that drivers take even more care. Unfortunately, three pedestrians were recently hit by a car in a Massachusetts parking lot.

Motorcycle versus car accidents: Massachusetts man hospitalized

Many people chose alternative forms of transportation for many reasons, including the potential for saving money. Motorcycles, for example, could result in savings due to the lower gas consumption. However, they are often more difficult to see because of their smaller size, putting motorcyclists at risk of car accidents when there are negligent drivers in their vicinity. Recently, one man suffered serious injuries after an incident that Massachusetts police believe was caused by the driver of a more traditional motor vehicle.

Workers' compensation may help injured utilities worker

People in Massachusetts who are injured on the job may find themselves struggling to bounce back both physically and financially. Fortunately, workers' compensation can help in both areas. One utilities worker in another state recently suffered injuries on the job at a wastewater treatment plant.

Car accidents may cause death in Massachusetts

One man lost his life in a Massachusetts crash on a recent Sunday morning. The accident occurred when he was hit after stopping to help at the scene of an accident. Sadly, these types of car accidents often have catastrophic results, particularly when alcohol is involved. Two people have been arrested in connection with the tragic crash.

Birth injury among medical malpractice issues in Massachusetts

The birth of a baby is typically an exciting and joyful occasion for Massachusetts parents waiting to welcome a child into the world. However, doctor or nursing negligence can result in errors that cause birth injuries which turn a joyful occasion into a tragic event. In the aftermath of such incidents, grounds may exist for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in a civil court.

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