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Medical malpractice lawsuit results in $5 million award

Many patients in Massachusetts who enter the emergency room are confused and scared about their unexplained condition. They place their faith in doctors and other medical care personnel to accurately diagnose and treat their ailments without causing further harm. However, medical malpractice can seriously complicate a person's condition. One out-of-state woman who suffered brain damage recently settled her claims against a hospital and several doctors who treated her.

Guilty verdict in Massachusetts accident that led to brain injury

While most people are likely aware of their mortality, it is hard to fathom that another person's decision to drive recklessly can seriously alter the lives of many. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case after a 2013 Massachusetts car accident led to two brain injury victims. The driver said to have caused that accident was recently found guilty of negligent operation.

Massachusetts pedestrian accident: Driver arrested after fatality

A car accident always has the potential to seriously injure those involved. However, a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle typically has a much higher chance of serious injuries because pedestrians have no protection from the faster, heavier vehicles. Unfortunately, one man in Massachusetts was recently killed in such an incident, which resulted in criminal charges filed against the driver of the vehicle that allegedly struck him.

Reggie Bush claims slip and fall accident ended season

For football players and other athletes, their physical well-being could determine the success of their athletic season and future professional prospects. In fact, many people in Massachusetts depend on their overall physical well-being to complete their personal and work responsibilities. NFL star Reggie Bush claims that his football season ended early because of an injury he suffered in a slip and fall accident caused by negligent property conditions.

5 people injured on the job in Massachusetts lab explosion

When many people consider dangerous jobs, police officers and firefighters often come to mind. While these types of occupations do have many unique dangers, other occupations -- including those requiring employees to work with volatile chemicals -- are equally dangerous. For example, investigators in Massachusetts are still working to determine the exact cause of a workplace accident that left five people injured on the job.

Massachusetts car accidents: 2 injured in wrong-way crash

Despite the effort that is put into providing information to drivers in Massachusetts about how to be a safe driver, there is often little that a person can do to protect him or herself from the negligent acts of others. Unfortunately, people are injured or killed in car accidents every day. Police are currently investigating a wrong-way accident that sent two people to the hospital.

The role of autopsies in medical malpractice fatalities

There are a variety of different reactions a grieving person can experience when they learn of the death of a loved one. However, many in Massachusetts want answers. In order to achieve some sense of closure, loved ones often need to understand the cause of their loss, especially if they suspect that it may stem from medical malpractice. In such cases, requesting an autopsy can be helpful.

Massachusetts wrongful death: Man accused of homicide

Human beings have a certain understood responsibility to one another. For example, when a person sees that another person is injured and requires aid, the moral response would be to seek medical aid for them. Unfortunately, in a case that could ultimately lead to a wrongful death lawsuit, police believe that a man in Massachusetts did not meet his moral and legal obligations after he struck a pedestrian.

Workplace accident leads to fatality

There are a variety of different accidents that can happen in Massachusetts workplaces. For those who work with heavy machinery, there may be additional risks. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family is coping with the loss of their family member in a recent fatal workplace accident.

Medical malpractice: When is a hospital negligent?

Being a patient at a hospital is often a nerve-wracking experience for patients and their families. In addition to concerns over their condition, some people have very real concerns about medical malpractice as a result of hospital negligence. Hospitals in Massachusetts and across the country are tasked with ensuring the well-being of their patients; failure to do so could result in serious harm.

2 killed in Massachusetts fatal car accident

Lawmakers in Massachusetts go to great lengths to enact laws intended to protect the lives of all those who utilize the state's roadways. Unfortunately, when drivers fail to obey them, the laws are rendered ineffective. What may seem like a simple infraction, such as failing to obey a traffic sign, could ultimately result in irreparable harm. For example, police believe that a recent fatal car accident was caused by a driver who failed to obey a stop sign.

Massachusetts workplace accident ends with fatality

There are many expectations for the holidays. Families in Massachusetts expect to spend time together opening gifts and making new memories, for example. Unfortunately, one family is now mourning the loss of their loved one after a fatal workplace accident. While details of the incident are unclear, the family may be considering what death benefits rights exist for them under the state's workers' compensation laws.

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