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Massachusetts man seeks compensation after spine, head injury

There are times when a person realizes that he or she is at risk for an injury. However, a person parked in a car in a legal parking spot likely feels fairly safe from suffering harm. One Massachusetts man will likely always question his safety after he was injured when a crane struck his parked car while he sat in it. Claiming that he suffered a spine and head injury, he has recently notified the city where the incident occurred of his intent to sue.

Police search follows Massachusetts pedestrian accident

Traffic laws are created in order to protect the lives of all people. Failure to follow those laws can cause accidents that result in harm in unexpected ways. For example, Massachusetts police say that two cars that were drag racing caused a pedestrian accident that sent one person to the hospital. Police are still searching for the drivers involved in the incident.

Dental malpractice may have caused child's brain injury

Anticipating a trip to the dentist is often unpleasant for many people in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, a recent out-of-state incident may create even more concern for dental patients. One family is claiming that dental malpractice resulted in their daughter's brain injury.

Malfunctioning vehicle could result in wrongful death lawsuit

There are many potential causes of a workplace accident in Massachusetts. In many cases, employers and workers can identify potential risks and take reasonable actions to mitigate them in order to protect employees. Unfortunately, there may be little to no warning when a large piece of machinery malfunctions, causing a serious accident. A recent out-of-state accident involving such an incident could potentially result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Study shows role of emotions, distractions in car accidents

While the overall number of fatal car crashes in this country has declined over the course of the last several decades, some professionals claim that the United States is behind other countries in terms of overall traffic safety. As a result, researchers in Massachusetts and across the country continue to look at behaviors that could cause serious accidents. In fact, a recent study looked at footage of videos taken from 3,500 volunteers to better understand the causes of car accidents.

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