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Brain injury $3.85 million award of interest in Massachusetts

The idea of a hospital stay is typically not at the top of anyone's "to do" list. However, many Massachusetts residents end up spending at least several nights in a hospital at one time or another. While there, patients assume that they will receive proper care and that medical procedures will be completed in the proper manner. Unfortunately, as evidenced in a recent jury verdict in another state, medical mistakes can cause devastating results -- including brain injury.

Massachusetts: Pokemon Go app and distracted driving accidents

Driving along any Massachusetts roadway requires both skill and concentration. In addition to being able to properly operate the vehicle, the driver must be able to safely navigate the various obstacles that may present themselves. For example, drivers need to be aware of the other vehicles on the road and the side of the road, pedestrians walking along the roadway and even children riding bikes and darting in and out of traffic. Distracted driving accidents have proven to be a problem with drivers who chose to pay attention to their cell phones and drive at the same time.

A pedestrian accident can happen in Massachusetts

A Massachusetts license to operate a motor vehicle carries with it a number of responsibilities. These include following the laws of the road, adhering to posted signage and watching out for others who are on or beside the roadway. When all of this occurs, the likelihood of a pedestrian accident is minimized.

A workplace accident could affect a Massachusetts family

Every day, people all over Massachusetts wake up and get ready to go to work. They eat breakfast, brush their teeth and say goodbye to their loved ones. All this is done without thinking of the possibility that this could be the last time that this routine is followed. The possibility of a workplace accident is usually not a part of the normal morning routine.

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