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Avoid pedestrian crashes with these helpful tips

Pedestrians are on and around the roads during every time of year. Whether it's the winter or spring, people are going to be out and about. This is particularly true in busy areas like Boston.

At the end of the day, it's up to a driver to be cautious on the roads. It's a driver's responsibility to pay attention and avoid colliding with people who may be in an intersection or attempting to cross elsewhere. Drivers have to follow the rules of the road and shouldn't be distracted, drowsy, intoxicated or affected in ways that make it difficult to drive.

As a driver, you may be wondering how you can prevent a crash with a pedestrian. There are a few good tips to follow. These include:

  • Knowing the rules of the roads

Get to know if you are expected to stop at every crosswalk. Know the rights of pedestrians who are already in the walkway. Most importantly, know the speed limits in the area, so you're not speeding if there is a crash.

  • Monitoring parked cars

Look along the sidewalks at parked cars as you drive. Drivers or their passengers may suddenly open their doors or walk into the roadway far enough to cause a crash. Do your best to slow down when you think other people are present, so you can stop if they suddenly open a door or if a child runs into the roadway.

  • Avoid driving during crowded events

There are many events where pedestrians will be present. Local festivals, parades and other events are just a few examples. If you know one is going on, try to avoid driving in the area unless it's a necessity. There is always a higher risk of getting into a crash when more pedestrians are present.

What can pedestrians do to stay safer?

Pedestrians should always cross in marked crosswalks when possible. They should also travel in groups and wear bright clothing, so they stand out and are more obvious to drivers.

Another great tip is to jog, walk or run toward traffic. Why? When you run toward traffic, there is a better chance of you and the driver seeing one another, so you have plenty of time to avoid getting into a crash. It's a simple tip, but it's one that could save your life.

These are a few things to do to avoid pedestrian crashes. Stay safe out there.

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