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Brain Injury Archives

Traumatic brain injury can happen in a Massachusetts accident

Fairs are a common sight across Massachusetts throughout the summer and fall months. Roller coasters, Ferris wheels and other such attractions draw crowds of thrill seekers looking to enjoy themselves. While some riders are apprehensive at first, their jitters quickly turn to delight once the ride begins. Each ride features its own variety of twists, turns and excitement. While the excitement is often anticipated, the possibility of the ride ending in a traumatic brain injury just doesn't seem to be a part of the experience.

Massachusetts man seeks compensation after spine, head injury

There are times when a person realizes that he or she is at risk for an injury. However, a person parked in a car in a legal parking spot likely feels fairly safe from suffering harm. One Massachusetts man will likely always question his safety after he was injured when a crane struck his parked car while he sat in it. Claiming that he suffered a spine and head injury, he has recently notified the city where the incident occurred of his intent to sue.

Guilty verdict in Massachusetts accident that led to brain injury

While most people are likely aware of their mortality, it is hard to fathom that another person's decision to drive recklessly can seriously alter the lives of many. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case after a 2013 Massachusetts car accident led to two brain injury victims. The driver said to have caused that accident was recently found guilty of negligent operation.

A concussion injury can cause blood flow issues to the brain

A head injury is always concerning for patients in Massachusetts. While a concussion injury has previously been thought to be relatively minor in regard to other types of head injuries, a recent study appears to show that such an injury can impact a patient longer than previously thought. Researchers used MRIs to study how a concussion impacted blood flow to the injury site after symptoms were previously thought to be alleviated.

Massachusetts man suffers traumatic brain injury

When most people think of injuries suffered in a car accident, they think of obvious wounds that are immediately diagnosed. However, the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury may be slower to develop. Regardless, the effects of such an injury can cause serious ramifications in a person's life. For example, one man in Massachusetts discovered the severity of his injuries only after time had passed.

Study examines long-term effects of a brain injury on attention

While many parents in Massachusetts require that their children wear helmets while biking or roller skating, it is not feasible to wear a helmet as they go through their daily life. The purpose of this protection is to help prevent a brain injury that could potentially affect a child for the rest of his or her life. A recent study has identified long-term effects of such an injury -- effects with which the child will likely have to cope for the rest of his or her life.

Possible shift in treatment of patients with brain injury

It does not take a medical degree to know of the potential consequences of a blow to the head. For many in Massachusetts, a brain injury will likely result in a lengthy, slow recovery. In some cases, victims of a brain injury are never able to fully recover. However, a nurse from another state claims that she has found a way to potentially fast track the recovery process from brain injuries -- having the patient move early on in his or her treatment.

Brain injury can trigger brain inflammation, causing brain damage

People who suffer from traumatic brain injury in Massachusetts sadly may experience its negative effects long-term. These may include poor memory and even mood swings. However, a huge misunderstanding exists regarding the nature of brain injuries and exactly how a brain injury causes chronic types of degenerative issues.

Researchers not any closer to treatment for brain injury

According to recent statistics, an estimated 1.5 million Americans suffer a head injury every year. Traumatic brain injury is a serious health problem, particularly for young men. This type of injury can happen to anyone, in Massachusetts or elsewhere, and researchers are constantly looking for effective treatments.

Veterans with a traumatic brain injury more likely to be jobless

Those who serve the country through military service often make sacrifices that are unimaginable by the civilian population. Many of those who have returned from the conflicts overseas in the past several years have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Now, thousands of these veterans may need additional support to recover and move forward with their post-service lives. Some of these former servicemen and women reside in Massachusetts. 

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