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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

Man faces workplace injury during bridge renovation

Construction is an industry that often involves major risks. Whether due to falls, equipment malfunction or another type of accident, construction workers in Massachusetts and across the country may face a possible workplace injury on a regular basis. One employee in another state was recently hurt in the renovation of a bridge.

Workplace accident results in workers' death

Though accidents can happen at any Massachusetts job, construction areas are one of the more likely places an injury may occur due to factors such as significant heights or heavy machinery. Whatever the cause, a workplace accident can have serious consequences for those involved. Two workers in another state recently suffered serious injuries, with one worker later dying from those injuries.

Explosion leads to serious workplace injury for one man

Employees in Massachusetts and across the country may find that accidents on the job can happen in an instant. Often, accidents happen unexpectedly. There may be many different factors that could lead to workplace injury, from faulty equipment to a simple mistake. A worker in another state was recently severely injured in an explosion on the job.

Massachusetts worker seriously injured on the job by chainsaw

Workplace accidents can happen in any number of ways. Those regularly performing tasks involving manual labor may be at a higher risk of injury than those who do not. One Massachusetts tree worker was recently severely injured on the job while using a chainsaw.

Massachusetts factory worker severely injured on the job

Various safety precautions are required at Massachusetts workplaces. Should companies fail to implement these safety measurements, workers are often more likely to become injured on the job. One Massachusetts business is being investigated after an employee recently suffered a traumatic injury at work.

Workers' compensation could aid families of deceased workers

There may be many different ways a Massachusetts construction accident can happen. Sometimes these incidents may occur in ways that no one can anticipate. When a worker faces a serious injury or is killed on the job, the worker or his or her family is entitled to file for workers' compensation or death benefits. A family in another state may consider filing after a man was killed in an explosion on the job.

Employees injured on the job may benefit from workers' comp

Many Massachusetts residents rarely have to worry about workplace accidents. Those performing jobs that require manual labor, however, are often more likely to face the risk of being injured on the job. A worker in a nearby state was recently seriously hurt at his job on a construction site.

Massachusetts man suffers workplace injury

Traumatic brain injuries are something that many believe only individuals suffer as the result of military duty, a car accident or even playing sports. As one is getting up and going to work, the possibility of suffering a traumatic brain injury while on the job doesn't seem likely. However, for one Massachusetts man, this was recently the case as he suffered a workplace injury that resulted in such an injury.

Workplace accident has deadly consequences

Work is a fact of life for many Massachusetts residents. Every day, they get up, get dressed and head out the door. Some work in office buildings, and others work on construction sites. Regardless of the location, each individual goes to work under the assumption that after a certain period of time, he or she will return home. Unfortunately, sometimes a workplace accident occurs and this assumption does not become reality.

Workplace accident turns deadly

The alarm clock rings, and the day begins. It's time to take a shower, eat breakfast and go to work. The average Massachusetts worker assumes that the day will go like most others, soon be home with his or her family. It will be time to eat dinner, help children with homework and go to bed so that the process can start all over again. However, every once in a while, the day does not go like others, and a workplace accident occurs.

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