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Posts tagged "traumatic brain injury"

Brain injury can trigger brain inflammation, causing brain damage

People who suffer from traumatic brain injury in Massachusetts sadly may experience its negative effects long-term. These may include poor memory and even mood swings. However, a huge misunderstanding exists regarding the nature of brain injuries and exactly how a brain injury causes chronic types of degenerative issues.

Researchers not any closer to treatment for brain injury

According to recent statistics, an estimated 1.5 million Americans suffer a head injury every year. Traumatic brain injury is a serious health problem, particularly for young men. This type of injury can happen to anyone, in Massachusetts or elsewhere, and researchers are constantly looking for effective treatments.

Veterans with a traumatic brain injury more likely to be jobless

Those who serve the country through military service often make sacrifices that are unimaginable by the civilian population. Many of those who have returned from the conflicts overseas in the past several years have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Now, thousands of these veterans may need additional support to recover and move forward with their post-service lives. Some of these former servicemen and women reside in Massachusetts. 

One study links traumatic brain injury to higher dementia rate

As people age, they may tend to develop more age-related health issues. While most cannot avoid the risk of all issues during the aging process, one study has seemed to link traumatic brain injury in older patients to a higher risk of developing dementia. Massachusetts families may benefit from learning more about the possible correlation between the two, as many older residents are more prone to falls.

Town mourns child who died from traumatic brain injury

Children are admired for their ability to bounce back after suffering upheaval in their life. One little girl experienced several upsets in her short life and inspired many. Unfortunately, some things in life are not easily overcome, and a traumatic brain injury is clearly one of them. While this child did not reside in Massachusetts, it is possible that her death benefited someone who does. 

Man overcomes traumatic brain injury to return to beloved career

One day, in 2006, a man was riding his motorcycle on the way to meet up with some friends. Though he was not wearing a protective helmet, that may not have prevented him from suffering a traumatic brain injury when the car pulled out in front of him. He is not a resident of Massachusetts, but patients with similar injuries may be inspired by his story.

Massachusetts victims cite traumatic brain injury after bombing

The terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon in the Spring of 2013 left hundreds of people injured and many more emotionally changed. The wounds of those hurt in the explosions ranged from death to invisible, interior wounds. The generosity of strangers across the world has made it possible for many Massachusetts victims to receive the necessary care that they might otherwise have never received. There are some bombing victims, however, who reportedly suffered a traumatic brain injury and who feel they have not received comparable aid to fully address their medical needs.

Soldiers learning early treatment best for traumatic brain injury

Soldiers put themselves in harm's way on a daily basis, even when not actively engaged in fighting a battle. As a result, they may have a higher risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury than the ordinary citizen. A recent seminar concerning this type of injury was recently held at a military installation. Soldiers from Massachusetts may also benefit from the information that was shared.

The closed head injury victim suffers life-changing restrictions

Brain injuries present demanding challenges for preparation of personal injury negotiations and settlement with the wrongdoer's counsel or insurer. Closed head injury in Massachusetts and throughout the country is not always easily proved, and must be established instead by medical inferences and circumstantial probabilities. In such cases, neuropsychologists and similar practitioners are sometimes used to establish a physiological connection with the particular symptoms that the injured victim is suffering.

NFL and retired players settle lawsuit claiming brain injury

Traumatic brain injury remains a bit of a mystery. That may be why 4,500 retired NFL players entered into a $765 million settlement with the NFL as compensation for brain injuries from repetitive concussions. The lawsuit was filed by the former players to obtain compensation for the symptoms of brain injury experienced in retirement and attributed to years of repetitive head concussions. In Massachusetts and elsewhere, the scientific information about traumatic concussion injury remains limited, but there are growing signs of a direct link between concussion and long-term cognitive and psychiatric consequences.

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