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Car Accidents Archives

Massachusetts auto accidents: 4 injured in rear-end collision

There are many safe and conscientious drivers in Massachusetts. These drivers typically obey traffic laws and attempt to avoid auto accidents. Unfortunately, there are some accidents that a driver simply is unable to prevent, such as many involving a rear-end collision. In one such accident, four people were sent to the hospital.

Massachusetts car accidents: Tow truck driver hit by speeding car

Tow truck drivers have dangerous jobs. Many essentially risk their lives in order to help those involved in car accidents or suffering from car trouble. Because of the dangers associated with working on or alongside a busy Interstate, many states -- including Massachusetts -- have enacted laws that require motorists to move over to adjacent lanes when maintenance or emergency vehicles with flashing lights are in the area. Tow truck drivers handed out pamphlets at a rest area reminding others about the law after a tow truck driver was seriously injured while providing aid.

Massachusetts car accidents: Cyclist killed after struck by car

While there are many benefits of cycling, there are also many dangers that cyclists face. While some states have laws in place to protect cyclists, negligent drivers continue to cause fatal car accidents involving those simply attempting to make a healthier personal choice while protecting the environment. Police in Massachusetts are currently investigating a collision that resulted in a fatal injury.

Massachusetts car accidents: Multiple citations issued in crash

Safe drivers are constantly vigilant. They ignore distractions such as smartphones when they drive and obey posted speed limits and other traffic laws. Unfortunately, even safe drivers may be unable to avoid car accidents caused by negligent drivers. In a recent Massachusetts accident that sent 10 people to the hospital, one driver was issued several citations.

Massachusetts hit-and-run accidents: Drivers sought after crash

Movies are known for their death-defying stunts. However, most of these stunts are simply illusions created with green screens and harnesses. Even in the portrayal of hit-and-run accidents, the actors are typically completely safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case in real life. While a recent hit-and-run accident in Massachusetts appeared to be closer to a movie scene than reality, one man is left with serious injuries while police search for the other drivers believed to have been involved.

Massachusetts car accidents: Fatal crash under investigation

In driver's education courses, instructors emphasize the importance of being a defensive driver. Unfortunately, there are some car accidents that drivers are simply unable to avoid. Police in Massachusetts are currently investigating a fatal accident that involved three cars.

Teen driver accidents: 3 teens hospitalized after accident

Teenagers have relatively little experience driving on Massachusetts roadways. As a result, there are many precautions taken in order to help prevent teen driver accidents. For example, state law prohibits junior operators from having other minors in the car with them unless there is an adult over the age of 21 present in the vehicle. Despite this law, police claim that a teenage driver had two other teenagers with him when a fiery crash occurred that sent three people to the hospital.

Massachusetts car accidents: 4 injured, drag racing suspected

People often make imprudent choices in their lives for a variety of different reasons, with a variety of different outcomes. These decisions could, unfortunately, harm many people. For example, people who choose to engage in street racing could potentially cause harm to themselves as well as other users of the roadways if their actions result in car accidents. Police in Massachusetts believe that three people were recently sent to the hospital as a result of street racing.

Massachusetts car accidents: Collision sends 5 to hospital

The vast majority of motorists on this country's roadways are safe drivers who strive to ensure their personal safety as well as the safety of their passengers and others. Unfortunately, unsafe drivers can cause serious car accidents that have devastating consequences for innocent people. For example, police allege that one Massachusetts man was driving under the influence of alcohol when he is believed to have caused an accident that sent five people to the hospital.

Massachusetts auto accidents: Tires cause serious injury

Millions of people take to the country's roadways every day. Many are committed to safety and follow traffic laws and safety guidelines. These drivers can respond to a threat on the roadways in a way that will allow them to avoid an accident caused by the negligent actions of another party. Unfortunately, there are some auto accidents that even the best drivers cannot avoid. For example, one driver in Massachusetts was seriously injured after tires crashed through a windshield.

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