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Wrongful Death Archives

Teenage boy dies in potential wrongful death in Massachusetts

In a perfect society, bicyclists would always be safe no matter where they roam. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world; and bicyclists are unfortunately at a considerable amount of risk each time they ride their bikes on the road. This proved to be the case last year for one teenage bicyclist who was killed after a vehicle hit him as he was riding his bicycle on the road. Cases like this could result in a wrongful death lawsuit in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts man killed in wreck may be victim of wrongful death

A Massachusetts police officer who was reportedly charged in a previous drunk driving incident last year has just been charged in a tragic accident. A 26-year-old man was killed in the accident, and his family likely considers the tragedy was a wrongful death. The man's sister was also injured in the collision.

Was accident that killed Massachusetts student a wrongful death?

According to the Massachusetts officials who are conducting an investigation into a pedestrian accident, the final report may not be completed for several months. While no one reason was cited, it could partially be due to the meticulous work of the reconstruction team that has been called in to aid in the investigation. In the meantime, her family may be left to wonder if she was a victim of a wrongful death within the legal meaning of the term.

Massachusetts woman sentenced in possible wrongful death case

A Massachusetts judge recently sentenced a 51-year-old woman to a 52-week jail term for a drunk driving fatality. The woman was convicted of multiple charges in connection with the accident three years ago. The family of the victim may choose to seek their own closure by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the convicted driver.

Massachusetts jogger may be latest victim of wrongful death

Having a valid driver's license is not really a right; rather it is a privilege that is extended when one passes the tests and obeys the laws of the road. However, there are individuals who will still attempt to drive, even when they have lost the privilege through abuse of that right. One Massachusetts resident may have just become a victim of a wrongful death due to this type of negligent driver.

Could Massachusetts plane crash result in wrongful death claim?

Air travel has had a tremendous influence on how most perceive the world. Where before it may have taken days to weeks to arrive at faraway destinations, that time has been reduced to mere hours. However, there is a huge burden of responsibilities on the shoulders of those who pilot these planes, and safety checks are not an extraneous chore. A recent plane crash in Massachusetts could possibly end in claims of wrongful death after preliminary reports suggest a required systems check was not completed.

Tragic death of firefighters may lead to wrongful death claims

Two Massachusetts firefighters recently lost their lives in a tragic fire that could have been avoided. According to a media report, the firefighters died after they could not escape from the basement of an apartment before being overcome by fire. Despite a police commissioner stating that the fire appeared to be unintentional, the death of the firefighters may lead to wrongful death lawsuits.

Alcohol a factor in possible wrongful death of Massachusetts man

Traffic lights are an important component in safely navigating Massachusetts roadways. When the light turns red, traffic stops. From an early age, children are taught games to help them learn that a red light means to stop. Recently, a 25-year-old driver apparently did not adhere to basic Massachusetts traffic light laws. His alleged negligence has ended in the apparent wrongful death of a 42-year-old father.

Wrongful death suit could stem from Massachusetts accident

When a fatal accident occurs, it can sometimes take an extended period of time before the situation can be settled. In many cases, investigations must be done and court proceedings must take place. As a result, family members of accident victims may have wrongful death claims pending for some time before they can be fully addressed.

Fatal Massachusetts car accident could prompt wrongful death suit

What may have started as a quick walk around the neighborhood ended tragically for a 55-year-old Massachusetts woman. The woman was killed while walking down the street in an area that was just minutes from her home. Her family could potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit in response to the tragedy.

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