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Posts tagged "fatal accident"

UMass student killed in motorcycle accident; driver indicted

A Hampshire County grand jury indicted a 23-year-old woman yesterday after an April car crash killed a University of Massachusetts senior and injured another man. The woman was charged with several offenses including a second DUI, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, manslaughter, felony motor vehicle homicide, and aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Framingham man killed in pedestrian accident

When one thinks of a pedestrian accident, one might think of a crosswalk at rush hour or a dark and poorly lit road. One probably does not think of a winding road in a wooded neighborhood in the afternoon. And yet that is what happened.

Early morning crash claims the lives of three young adults

When a single car crash claims the lives of all of its occupants, friends and family members are often left to wonder what happened to cause the crash. Did the driver fall asleep while driving? Did the driver swerve to prevent hitting an animal? Was alcohol involved?

New Bedford man killed in hit-and-run accident

Pedestrians are supposedly offered additional safety when they cross the street in a crosswalk area. Sadly, that is no guarantee of safety. Pedestrians, either in or out of crosswalks, should exercise caution when crossing a street.

What is the most deadly month for motorcycle drivers?

There is a saying among avid bikers that it is not "if" you will be in a motorcycle accident, but "when." Indeed, motorcycle accidents are not uncommon. According to the Center for Disease and Prevention Control, the highest death and injury rate for motorcyclists is among 20-29 year-olds, followed by 40-54 year-olds.

Woman injured by alleged drunk driver, dies

A Grafton nursing assistant and home health care aid was injured in a car accident on March 4. The crash was supposedly caused by an impaired driver who was on the wrong side of the street and hit the woman's car in a serious car crash.

Two from Fall River in Dartmouth motorcycle accident

An early spring can mean more people out enjoying a motorcycle ride. It can also mean more motorcycle accidents. Sadly, that was the case for a man and woman from Fall River, Massachusetts, who were involved in an accident in Dartmouth.

Boston Fatal Accident Underscores Dangers Facing Cyclists

A fatal bicycle accident in downtown Boston in late January killed a 74-year-old man. While the cause of the accident between the bicycle and the car is unknown at this time, bicycle advocates used this accident as an opportunity to again request a citywide 20 mph speed limit.

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