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Posts tagged "medical malpractice"

Nursing home negligence can happen in Massachusetts

With the advances in medical care over the past few decades, it appears that many Massachusetts residents are living longer lives. With this increase in the aging population comes the need to provide appropriate care for the elderly. While some families prefer to care for their loved ones at home, many others are not able to do so and must rely upon nursing homes to provide the necessary care. In entrusting their loved ones to the care of a nursing home, the family needs to have peace of mind in knowing that their loved will not suffer nursing home negligence.

$4.65M medical malpractice award of interest in Massachusetts

On any given day, scores of Massachusetts residents enter a hospital seeking treatment for some ailment or condition. These individuals generally expect that they will be seen by one or more doctors and that their condition will be treated. Additionally, they expect that these doctors will communicate with each other and the nursing staff to ensure that a proper diagnosis is reached and an appropriate course of treatment is prescribed. Anything less than conscientious treatment of a patient could possibly be considered medical malpractice.

Failure to diagnose cancer reduces survival chances

There are likely very few people in Massachusetts whose lives have not been impacted by cancer. Many personally suffer from some form of the disease, while others have family members or friends who have battled or are currently battling it. Unfortunately, there are those whose prognosis is grimmer because of a doctor's failure to diagnose the cancer in a timely manner.

Toddler's death apparent case of dental malpractice

Parents often carefully consider their child's future. They think of the sports they will play and the college they may attend. The average parent in Massachusetts rarely does not think that a relatively simple visit to the dentist will prevent their child from pursuing any of these goals. Unfortunately, more parents are likely thinking of this after an out-of-state toddler died from what could be a case of dental malpractice arising out of relatively routine dental care.

Dental malpractice may have caused child's brain injury

Anticipating a trip to the dentist is often unpleasant for many people in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, a recent out-of-state incident may create even more concern for dental patients. One family is claiming that dental malpractice resulted in their daughter's brain injury.

Failure to diagnose meningitis led to permanent harm

There is nothing more stressful for parents in Massachusetts than to realize that their infant is seriously ill. When taking a child to the hospital, parents expect that medical care workers will research every reasonable possibility until the cause of their child's illness is discovered and properly treated. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family claims that a hospital's failure to diagnose bacterial meningitis resulted in a delay of treatment that caused serious damage.

Medical malpractice lawsuit results in $5 million award

Many patients in Massachusetts who enter the emergency room are confused and scared about their unexplained condition. They place their faith in doctors and other medical care personnel to accurately diagnose and treat their ailments without causing further harm. However, medical malpractice can seriously complicate a person's condition. One out-of-state woman who suffered brain damage recently settled her claims against a hospital and several doctors who treated her.

The role of autopsies in medical malpractice fatalities

There are a variety of different reactions a grieving person can experience when they learn of the death of a loved one. However, many in Massachusetts want answers. In order to achieve some sense of closure, loved ones often need to understand the cause of their loss, especially if they suspect that it may stem from medical malpractice. In such cases, requesting an autopsy can be helpful.

Medical malpractice: When is a hospital negligent?

Being a patient at a hospital is often a nerve-wracking experience for patients and their families. In addition to concerns over their condition, some people have very real concerns about medical malpractice as a result of hospital negligence. Hospitals in Massachusetts and across the country are tasked with ensuring the well-being of their patients; failure to do so could result in serious harm.

$1.57 million verdict in medical malpractice lawsuit

People in Massachusetts suffer from serious accidents all the time. In the aftermath of such an accident, they are likely scared and in pain, trusting that medical care professionals will adequately treat and diagnose their injuries. While most doctors and other personnel are well-trained professionals, mistakes happen that can cause significant harm to patients who are already suffering. One out-of-state man and his wife have recently won a medical malpractice lawsuit after claiming that negligence caused him serious injury.

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